The Day My Boob Was Hanging Out


When I first starting nursing my son I was extremely aware that my actual boob was exposed.  I generally tend not to expose my breasts, generally *wink wink.*  

In any event, as things became more and more second nature I became less and less worried about nursing in public or around others.  I always covered myself up, but I wasn’t as hyper-sensitive about the cover being completely on before I whipped the old boob out.

In fact, there were times that I would completely forget my cover and simply use a random blanket, sweatshirt, or napkin to “hide” my boobage.  I also became pretty good at covertly nursing.  However, all good things must come to an end – or an embarrassing dangling end if you will.

I was at the park enjoying the day with my kids.  Of course my seven-month-old needed to nurse.  I confidently got him into place, covered and went about scrolling through Facebook.  After he was finished I set him down to play.  I went back to my Facebook scrolling.  

At first, I didn’t realize the slight breeze or the fact that my cover had slipped.  I thought I had covered myself back up after the nursing – turns out my shelf nursing bra had gotten tangled in my shirt.  I was giving the whole park a SHOW!  

I hadn’t even charged for tickets!  I have never moved so fast in my entire life – and that’s saying something considering I could beat any man, woman, or child out the door if someone screamed FREE ice cream, shoes, wine, okay really anything free.

I never planned to be a part of the free the Nipple campaign, but apparently, my subconscious really wanted to see it happen.

I want to say that I left the park out of sheer mortification, however after pushing a baby out of my naked body in front of a room FULL of student doctors – I feel no shame – ever!