Surviving Life As A Soccer Mom

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Surviving Life As A Soccer MomI am a soccer mom

My weekends are full of soccer games and stinky soccer laundry.  And now that my youngest is about to start soccer I am not sure how I am actually going to survive!

Survive the intense heat on those long Saturdays.

Survive multiple soccer schedules – aka being at two places at once.

Survive snacks.  Oh, the number of snacks necessary to keep our family afloat during soccer season is borderline ridiculous.

Survive my children’s obsession with all things soccer.

And yet, being a soccer mom is something I love. 

I love to watch my kids play. I love to cheer them on to do their best.  I love being part of a team.  And I love to encourage their enthusiasm for soccer.

Which is why I am excited that Post Cereals is the official Cereal of Major League Soccer.  

Why am I excited?  

So. Many. Reasons.

First, Post Cereals is now offering limited edition MLS cereal packages this summer with collectible Topps MLS player card cut-outs on the back of the boxes.  My kids will have fun getting all of the player cards and I will check snacks off of my list of things to buy.

I happen to be a big fan of Honey Bunches of Oats® – the perfect combination of crispy and sweet flakes, plus crunchy clusters, plus a touch of honey.  My kids can put down approximately one box of cereal per day.  And when soccer season starts it can get crazy.

They’re HUGE fans of Pebbles ™, Fruity Pebbles ™, and Cocoa Pebbles ™.  The fruity flavor of Fruity Pebbles ™ or the crispy sweet chocolatey goodness of Cocoa Pebbles ™ makes for perfect snacks any day of the week (especially soccer Saturdays.) And what’s even better is that Post Cereals has an entire recipe gallery to make these delicious cereals into the ultimate soccer snack!

Second, Post supports soccer and they support you and your soccer family! 

We all know that feeding hungry soccer players can add up – which is why Post Cereals is running a sweepstakes with Ibotta starting in July for a chance to win $25 or $100. All you have to do is buy two or four boxes to be entered into a drawing for gift cards. The great news is that all of the sign up is done within the app.   

So basically if I buy cereal that my kids and I already love, I’ll not only get soccer player cards & cutouts but also have a chance to win gift cards?!  Count me in!

And that’s not all!

Post Cereals is giving away 3 “Soccer Mom Survival Kits”.  That’s right – everything you see below could be YOURS!!

Surviving life as a soccer mom

Orange County Moms Blog will be going LIVE next week to not only show you all of the AWESOME soccer mom must-haves but also giving away 3 of these survival packs which include all the necessities to make sure you and your family are ready for the crazy soccer schedules shuttling kids to and from practice and games.  

And trust me, you are going to want to win one!

I know I’ll be choosing Post Cereals this summer as they not only make delicious cereal my entire family loves, but they also support soccer families!

Surviving Life As A Soccer Mom


  1. I’m a soccer mom too! ⚽️ I know all about the driving, traveling, crazy parents on the sideline, ups and downs of sports. I didn’t really plan to be a soccer mom and had my daughter, Sierra, try different activities (art, music, dance) and various sports. Soccer wasn’t one of the sports I put my daughter in, but when she was 5 she asked to play. One of the best choices I made was to let her choose! She’s never gotten burnt out and still plays at 18. She now plays college soccer for Long Beach State and we traveled with the team to France to watch the World Cup! I never planned to be a soccer mom, but I’m so glad my daughter helped me to become one! Soccer mom for life!

    Sorry got a little carried away! Leaving the link to the story of how Sierra became a soccer player ⚽️??

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