I Am A Working Mom Again…And It’s Going To Be Okay


working momThis post is for all the moms that are finding themselves returning to the workforce. Are you a mom returning back to work after a maternity leave? Maybe you’re a mom who has been home with your kids as they were little and now they have all gone to school so that also means back to work for mom. Whatever your reason for deciding to return to work, guess what? You are now a “Working Mom.”

Back to work after childhood years

I know a mom friend who recently returned to work after a few years of staying home with her young kids and working part time on some freelance projects. When I spoke with her she mentioned that it was great to be considered a “working mom” again. It was at that moment that I looked at her and thought,

…is there some sort of difference between a working person and a working mom? I mean don’t we all just go to work?

So I asker her why the term “working mom?” Her response was this:

Before I had children I went to work. I worked for myself. I worked for money. I worked for my future. Now that I have children I work for them as they are my future. They are our future. No matter how much I love my job or hate my job, my children are my motivation and they will always come first before my job, so that makes me a working mom.

Returning to work after maternity 

So this is now me. I just recently returned to work after having my fourth child and I can proudly say that I am a working mom. I truly didn’t want to return to work, I want to be a stay at home mom, but my family needed me to work at least for right now. I have been back to work now for almost a week and yes it was hard but I am also happy.

I am happy that I have a job, while many are out there in the world wishing that they could find employment to help provide for their families.

I am happy to show my kids that moms can go to work and still take care of their kids. I am also excited to be able to do some extra stuff with my family, since a second income will give our family more fun times or bigger savings. I am happy to consider myself a working mom.

So I decided to write this to all the moms that are returning to work, thinking about returning, or even wanting to quit and stay home.

No, it’s not easy, especially having to leave my children in the care of someone else while I’m at my job. And at least for me as a breastfeeding mom it’s especially hard to go to work and pump. BUT all that aside, I think being a working mom is great and I hope my kids think it’s great also. If you are a working mom, give yourself a little pat on the back because you are doing a great job. We got this mom.