In STEPPS Hearts 4 Autism Gala – Making A Difference For Children On The Spectrum

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In STEPPS Hearts 4 Autism GalaTo know how special The Hearts for Autism Gala is you would have to know how amazingly special In STEPPS – a new non-profit school for children on the autism spectrum – truly is.

The Hearts for Autism Gala on Saturday February 2nd 2019 is In STEPPS’ first fundraising event. This glamorous evening will include live entertainment and a silent auction, plus grab bags for all attendees. But it is so much more than that; It’s also a wonderful way to contribute to the lives of children in the Orange County/LA/San Diego area who have needs for education outside of what the public school system offers.  

In STEPPS stands for Support, Treatment, Education for Parents, Professionals, and Students.

And that name in itself gives you some insight into why this brand new non-profit school is special. In STEPPS started as a center providing ABA and PRT therapies plus wrap around services to children and families dealing with an autism diagnosis. Wrap around services means to provide extra services like helping parents and families feel supported with marriage and family counseling, forming relationships with other children and families. Extending into education seemed like the next logical step. So In STEPPS formed their non-profit school in September of 2018.

The In STEPPS Academy itself provides speech and occupational therapy consultants on top of the best in education including music, art, STEM, and more. It’s also in the same building as the In STEPPS therapy program, to form connections in the community with the convenience of being literal steps away from help of any kind that is needed. Hearing from parents, this can be literally life-changing. Charlene Loose, a parent from the school, said this about their child experience at In STEPPS:

When my son had his last regression we had no hope for an advance in his language skills. We were told to be prepared to have a fully non verbal child. I waited five years to hear my little boy say real words…and it’s finally happening. Within a week of starting at In STEPPS, he’s now not imitating words but giving real responses and words to feelings.


When you walk through their therapy rooms and classroom, it is clear they’ve put so much thought into making it a fun, welcoming, and calm space.

The fluorescent lights are covered with blue sheeting so it doesn’t set off sensitivities. There are reading and quiet nooks, and an overall theme of “under the sea” with almost as many teachers/therapists/aides as children. 

So when looking at the In STEPPS Hearts 4 Autism Gala, it’s with excitement about the future of children in the Orange County and extended area and the opportunities that are opening up for them. 

The Gala is a black tie (optional) affair and will be held on February 2nd at Santa Ana Country Club. It will have a Valentine’s Day theme and be a romantic evening for anyone who wants to make a lovely fancy date night while making a difference for their community.

This glamorous night we will entertained by the band The Hitstorm (who has performed with legendary GRAMMY Award-winning artists like Adele, Pink, and Aerosmith) while enjoying a gourmet dinner. In addition to that, there will be a string quartet of local high school students to welcome attendees and to perform during the silent auction. The auction includes big-ticket exclusive experiences like weekend getaways, backstage passes at the Symphony, kid’s three-wheelers, and more! 

Tickets for the In STEPPS Hearts 4 Autism Gala start at $200 and range upwards depending on your choice of experiences. Check out their website for more information on ticket pricing and the evening’s details.


So put your fanciest dress on and come out for a night to remember while supporting our local children!


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