Happiness Is A Practice You Can Learn And A Gift You Can Give

This post is brought to you by our sponsors LG, but as always our opinions are our own.

As parents, we all want happiness for our children.  We want them to find happiness in their work, in their relationships, in their purpose – in all things.

But life isn’t always happy.  There are struggles, heartbreaks, defeats, failures, pandemics – it is the way of the world, nothing is perfect, and nothing we can buy or attain can fulfill the brokenness.  So how do we teach our children to be happy despite it all?

Giving the gift of happiness

Shockingly the gift of happiness isn’t a full bank account or a vacation to a tropical island or a genie in a bottle.  No, the true gift is putting into practice six sustainable happiness skills.

Did you know there were actual skills that could help you and your loved ones sustain happiness?

LG has partnered with Be Strong with the goal to reach millions of youth in our very own communities and help teach them the six sustainable skills.  There is actually science behind these skills and over 70 years of research showing how important it is to not only learn these skills but practice and teach them to others.

Six Sustainable Skills

  • Gratitude – The simple act of appreciating and thanking others for the goodness they contribute to our lives helps foster happiness.  I know for me when I list the things I am thankful for I immediately feel a lift to my spirits.
  • Human Connection – Having friends, a significant other, close family all have a positive impact on someone.  It is even shown through research that those with close bonds tend to be happier, are less lonely, and have higher self-esteem.
  • Positive Outlook – Our minds are powerful and having a positive outlook can truly help each person be more resilient to adversity, more creative, and more socially connected.
  • Purpose – Having a reason to wake up each day is important for everyone, even children and young adults. Our purpose makes us think outside of ourselves, and we all know that when we do something for someone else it actually gives us just as much if not more joy.
  • Generosity – Getting a “helpers high”, yes it’s a real thing, is a skill to practice to help sustain happiness.  There is a LOT of research behind giving, not just monetarily but time, resources and more can be something you GIVE.
  • Mindfulness – Being truly aware of one’s thoughts and surroundings in each given moment can ground a person and help develop focus.

This year has been a very difficult year for many people, including our children.  But what better gift can you give this holiday season than the gift of happiness?

This holiday season begin to practice the six sustainable skills with your family.  You can even download a give happiness checklist and a give happiness card to get you started!

If we all practice these simple, “in the moment” skills during the holidays, there will be plenty of thanks and giving this season and beyond.