::CAUGHT:: Being Silly With The Kids



I was caught being silly with my kids

So my kiddo does well in the car but sometimes on the way home from daycare there is traffic and he can get a little antsy towards the end of the ride.  This happened the other day as we exited the freeway towards home.

So I turned on his favorite tunes and of course started to sing and rock out until I got him to smile and laugh.  Now by “rocking out” I don’t mean my best nightclub dance moves. (side note…do they still call it a nightclub? Its been so long…)

What rocking out now entails is a lot of head shaking and hand waving at weird angles so he can see it from his rear-facing car seat, in the mirror (genius invention) that allows him to see himself and the back of my head and allows me to see him as well.

So we are driving along Santa Ana Canyon with what feels like a million other commuters. I am singing and “rocking out” with wild abandon causing my son to giggle, as we come to a red light.

At said red light I look over and see a man about my age, kind of buff, cool beard, cool outfit (in other words macho and attractive) watching me.  I am instantly horrified and turn red with what I can only imagine is quite an embarrassed look on my face.

But then I notice he is not looking at me like I’m crazy, but with another look, I can’t quite place – amusement? Pity?  Recognition?

Then he puts up his hand and shakes his head no…maybe saying no it is ok I don’t think you are crazy? At this point, I notice the car seat in the back with a boy about my son’s age occupying it.  I begin to feel my heart rate slow and my face return to its natural color.

He motions for me to roll down the window.  I oblige (I mean it can’t get worse right?) and then I hear it, “The Hokey Pokey” blasting from his car radio.  He begins to “rock out” and his son begins to “rock out” and giggle.  I laugh. I calm down. He gives me a thumbs up, I nod.  As the light turned green we share a look that says so much. A look that all new parents know.  A look that says “I get it, and I’m in it with you.”

Thank you macho, handsome, dad commuting home next to me.  I feel ya Bro (or whatever cool, young people are saying these days.)

So I got home with a happy one-year-old, a funny story to share, and a reminder that instead of being embarrassed when I do silly things for my son, I can be proud. I’m going to focus on not caring what others think and the freedom to show joy with wild abandon just like a one-year-old.

Happy rocking out moments to all you moms (and dads)

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