In Search Of Dad Friends


dad friendsNot for me. That would be weird. This is a friendship advertisement for my husband. We all know that every mom needs to find her tribe in order to survive this parenting journey. Once we find them, we can have amazing bonding experiences like play dates (which are really about the moms) and Mommy’s Night Out (which is really about the wine). These moments make parenting just a touch easier. But often dads get lost in the shuffle. We haven’t put as much emphasis on the “dad tribe” as we should. Yet when dads become parents, they can similarly lose touch with their childless friends and find themselves a bit lonely. This has occurred to a degree with my husband. So I thought I’d help him out by creating this probably very embarrassing want ad for dad friends. And bonus points if the wife is cool (hello instant mom friend!). Enjoy!



Local dad seeks cool, laidback fellow dad for bonding experiences and stereotypically manly events like barbecuing, sporting events, and drinking beer whilst doing all of the above. Must have children and preferably a wife who is chill and funny for my wife to hang out with. Because let’s be honest, this post is for her to find “couple friends” too.


Perfect for:

The perfect candidate will be in his 30’s so he is a little bit jaded about life already but still has some light left in his eyes. Those with jobs in the tech industry are preferred so that conversations about ridiculously boring computer stuff can happen with applicant and not wife.

Candidates who are into video games are also encouraged to apply. But strong preference will be given to dads that play phone or computer games by default because kids ruined their gaming habit.

Must like soccer.

Must also not think that American soccer = real soccer, because apparently American soccer is terrible. Expedited review will occur for dads who are interested in watching the World Cup so wife doesn’t have to wake up early to do this. 

Must have an introverted personality so that applicant is not intimidating. But must also be willing to put up with forced couples outings.


Application and Interview Process:

All applicants will be reviewed by wife. Please include photo of family to verify existence of children. Your Facebook page will then be reviewed by wife to assess for normal-ness and no serial-killer tendencies.

Finalists will be invited to a family play date where forced interaction will occur. Please bring food.

If selected, wife will review choice because couples dates will be required. If all family members get along, you will be rewarded with fun times with awesome people for basically ever because this whole friendship dating stuff is hard and we don’t want to do it again.

Good luck!



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