Happy Father’s Day!


father's day

In honor of Father’s Day, I want to write about the greatest Dad I’ve ever known; my husband.

It was 13 months ago when he became a Father for the first time. If you’ve read my other posts, you know that the process of bringing our son into this world was not easy, but my husband remained STRONG and GENTLE and with me.  He was COMPASSIONATE, SELFLESS, ENGAGED, PATIENT, and made me LAUGH. He was PRESENT; and alas, he was PROUD.

When I mention pride, I’m referring to the good kind of pride.

His face beamed with pride as our son had his first bowel movement. He made sure to tell everyone about how big our son measured and all of the MANY things a baby does in the first 24 hours- like eat, sleep, and poop.

He was strong for me and our son as we both cried off and on (mostly on) for the next ten weeks. He was gentle with me and patient as I learned how to breastfeed and coped on minimal sleep. He was engaged and compassionate. And he was proud of us.

When I asked a few moms what they believed the top few traits were that make a Dad a “Great” Dad, here’s what they listed: love, compassion, gentleness, patience, selflessness, humor, and engagement.

I find it interesting that no one mentioned money, looks, status, career, or car. I know those aren’t on my list either.

I see men often struggle with finding their purpose in life while making ends meet and wanting to provide for their families while also being present. I see my dear husband wrestle with wanting to pursue his passion for music in the midst of needing to pay our bills, get some sleep, and be an engaged husband and father.

Life is tough and being a Dad is tricky.

There is a lot of pressure on you guys to be strong and provide for your families while also showing up for things, and helping with the housework, and making your kid(s) laugh, and providing discipline, and pursuing your spouse, and working out, and the list goes on…

For some reason, Mother’s Day gets more recognition and celebration than Father’s Day.

Let’s change that!  

I know Father’s Day can be difficult for many people, and I’ve been that person who has experienced painful Father’s Days, but for all the Dads that are out there killing it right now, THANK YOU!

Thank you for being there and for loving us and staying engaged and strong. Thank you for providing, caring, and sacrificing for us. Thank you for setting a good example to our children. You are awesome. Most of all, thank you to my husband who is STRONG AND GENTLE with me, COMPASSIONATE, SELFLESS, ENGAGED, PATIENT, FUNNY, and PROUD of our family. We are forever grateful for you!

Happy Father’s Day!



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Meredith is an Orange County native currently residing in Anaheim Hills, CA. She has her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and is pursuing licensure through working with an Orange County foster family agency. Meredith loves traveling, music, coffee, sugar, massages, alone time, puppies, sweats, hiking, and binging on Netflix shows with her husband, Caleb. Meredith is a first time mom to her son born in May 2015, Everett Pax, and is navigating her way through motherhood one cup of coffee at a time.