Creating Strong Confident Swimmers At Goldfish Swim School

This post is brought to you by our amazing sponsors at Goldfish Swim School!

Creating strong confident swimmers at goldfish swim school

Living in Southern California means perfect weather and pools. While pool life can be absolutely amazing it also comes with some risks. And if you are anything like me, pools give you more anxiety than you’d like to admit.

Swim schools are definitely an investment. But with drowning as one of the leading causes of death in kids aged under 4 and the 2nd leading cause for kids under age of 14, it’s clear why swim lessons are about much more than having fun at pool parties. It’s learning to be safe and having fun while doing it. Goldfish has perfected this balance.

Which is why it is SO important to make sure that you AND your children know how to swim.  The challenge can be finding the perfect swim school.  One that not only makes learning to swim fun but also creates super strong swimmers.

Thankfully creating strong confident swimmers is something that Goldfish Swim School is excellent at!

Lessons begin for children starting at four months old.  And while that may seem young – being confident in the water can never be taught too early.  For most classes, low instructor-to-student ratios allow your child to get individualized attention and also have fun in a class environment.

Goldfish Swim School – The Facility

If you have never stepped foot into Goldfish Swim School you need to ASAP!  It is truly amazing.  They have thought of everything.  The school is decorated in a bright, tropical theme with friendly decor that appeals to kids. It’s fun before you even get in the water! The pool air and water temperature are set at a warm 90 degrees, which eliminates shivering kids and cries of “I’m collllldddd” immediately after exiting the pool. Showers in the pool area allow for rinsing off before going into the changing area. 

They have kid-friendly amenities like our hair drying station, swimsuit dryers & private changing rooms as well as a snack station.

The pool water is very well sanitized. The pool chlorine is generated from saltwater that is pH controlled to reduce skin irritation and redness in eyes for the young swimmers. They also have a UV system that kills 99.99% bacteria in the pool to avoid sickness associated with community pools.

Of course, they haven’t forgotten about the parents.  There is a very well airconditioned viewing area for parents to watch as their children learn how to swim.  Which is ideal considering most swim schools are hot, muggy, and uncomfortable.  

Check out our live tour of Goldfish Swim School below!


If there is one thing that is constant in a mom’s life is that nothing is ever constant.  Soccer practice gets moved to Thursdays instead of Tuesdays, Back to School Night popped up on the same night you have your business meeting – the changes never end.

The problem with all of these changes is that rescheduling ANYTHING can be a hassle.  Especially for a busy mom. 

Which is why Goldfish Swim School takes away ALL of that by offering online scheduling!  YES!  Seriously – it’s even more amazing than it sounds.

After you sign up and talk with an instructor about what level your child will start – you can simply schedule online.  

creating strong swimmers at goldfish swim school

The Lessons

Goldfish Swim School has a perpetual lesson model which includes the following.

    • Students are separated by age and, in most cases, skills, too. 
    • Year-round swim lessons for children 4 months to 12 years and for swimmers of all abilities
    • Lesson times are available any day but Mondays. 
    • Safety is always their top priorities by an extra set of eyes of lifeguard and supervisor on deck apart from swim instructors Lifeguard/CPR certified instructors
    • Proprietary The Science of SwimPlay® Curriculum focused on teaching swim and safety skills while building character through guided play
    • Curriculum focused on teaching swim and safety skills while building character
    • Celebrating each milestone and skill advancement through prizes and ribbons.
    • Flexible scheduling to accommodate even the busiest family’s schedule
    • Excellent Makeup policies in case you miss a class.
    • And much, much more!


On top of creating super strong confident swimmers – Goldfish Swim School offers a ton of extras!  From Birthday parties and family swims to swim teams and more!  

Ready to start swimming?

If you’re ready to get your little goldfish in the water, head on over to Goldfish Swim School Aliso Viejo and sign up today for a free trial! 


creating strong confident swimmers at goldfish swim school