When Breastfeeding Becomes A Dr. Seuss Rhyme


breastfeeding a nursery rhyme

Maybe I’ve spent too many evenings reading Green Eggs and Ham to my son, but for some reason, it comes to mind when I think about the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding.

I am so glad to be able to breastfeed my three-month-old, but sometimes it can be a pain in the butt (and the boobs) to be the only person that can feed her (she has decided to enter a bottle standoff and so far we are losing). So, when she cries inconsolably, I know the one thing that will usually calm her down. However, this has caused me to feed her in some very interesting places and at some not so comfortable angles.

I, therefore, decided to construct a poem that pays homage to all the breastfeeding mamas out there. Happy nursing!

Does baby like to eat from mom?

Does breast milk help to keep her calm?

Have you breastfed here and there?

Have you breastfed everywhere?


I have, I have

Fed all over town

I have I have

Let me tell you how (Rhyming is hard. Just go with it.)


I have breastfed standing up

I have breastfed on a bus

I have breastfed in bed asleep

I have breastfed standing next to sheep (thank you OC Fair for that rhyme)


I have breastfed while cooking food

I have breastfed while in a bad mood

I know breastfeeding can be a pain

Heck, I have even breastfed on a train


I carry my baby and sneak in a boob

But I’m a bit awkward because I’m still a noob

To this whole baby wearing game

But my life will never be the same!


I have breastfed on a plane

And I will surely do it again (if you use a British accent it totally rhymes)

I breastfeed when I co-sleep

Even though I said I’d never co-sleep


I have fed her in a mall

And I have never received any catcalls

Actually people seem pretty chill

So I feel comfortable feeding at will


I’m glad that I can feed my baby

But hopefully she can someday maybe

Take a bottle from dear old dad

So I can have my boobies back.

When Breastfeeding Becomes A Dr. Seuss Rhyme