Brainiac: A Smarter Applesauce Pouch!


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Brainiac: A Smarter Applesauce Pouch!

Let me tell you a tale about finding a smarter applesauce pouch …

When my first child started eating solids, pouches weren’t a thing yet. I was so determined to make him the healthiest baby food ever that I ended up making my own…from scratch. Even though it took a lot of prep work, it was time I had to give and I was so proud that he was getting the healthiest fruits + veggies.

Fast forward to child two…and three…and four…and five. Pouches became a pantry staple for us! Even now, my six year old loves applesauce pouches for snacks. They are easy. There are great options in terms of quality. And oh my word, they save so much time for this working mom of five.

Because my six year old is an applesauce pouch connoisseur, I was so pumped to learn about Brainiac (R)! They have taken our beloved applesauce pouch and made it a healthier option. Applesauce is a pretty healthy option, but it is also empty calories in a lot of ways. One way Brainiac has made it even better is that they have added in awesome nutrients for brain health. Omega 3: DHA/EPA + Choline are in their pouches. DHA is an essential nutrient for brain health and helps with memory + cognition. EPA helps reduce inflammation + improves mood. Choline is critical in neurotransmitter development which helps with learning. All of this nutrition in one pouch and the equivalent of a kids serving of salmon and two cups of broccoli! What?! #praisehands

Bonus? They have partnered with Partnership for a Healthier America and a portion of all applesauce sold is donated to PHA to help fight food inequity.



+simple for on the go + lunchboxes

+provides double duty with vitamin c from the applesauce PLUS added nutrients for brain health

+easy to grab at Walmart Supercenter in Orange County (click here to find your nearest store!)


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