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Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post for AMA Skincare.  However, all opinions are 100% our own and we stand by AMA Skincare and all that we endorse.

After the birth of my son I started to notice that the “pregnancy glow” on my face had somehow faded into dark patches above my lip.  Something was not right.  I couldn’t recall my skin looking like this pre-pregnancy.  In fact I dug out several pictures and compared them with my current face.  Definitely didn’t have those dark marks before.  So I did what any irrational person would do.  I googled this “mask” and found every single cream known to man that would supposedly cure it.  Unfortunately nothing worked.  Then, I decided it was time to check out a REAL skincare company. I found AMA Skincare and was blown away not only by their knowledge of what was happening to me, but by their professionalism and facility.  After speaking with Dr. Milgrom it was determined that I had Melasma.

What is Melasma?

  • Melasma effects nearly 6 million Americans making its brown patches of discoloration one of the most common skin conditions in the world.
  • Generally speaking, there are two sources of this aggravating condition. A)Hormonal fluctuations, and B) repeated trauma to the skin. In both cases, over exposure to the sun can also contribute to the problem.
  • Women ages 20 to 50, are far and away the most affected by this condition. Melasma manifests itself as brown patches of skin on the forehead, cheeks, nose, upper lip and chin. Underlying hormonal fluctuations associated with birth control pills and pregnancy are often a contributing cause, especially when combined with over exposure to the sun.  Pregnant women of Latino or Asian descent whose skin easily tans are especially prone to Melasma, also known as the dreaded “mask of pregnancy”.  Fortunately, in many cases associated with pregnancy, these brown patches will naturally fade away over time after giving birth or ceasing to take birth control pills. However, this fading can often take as many as 18 months.
  • In cases where chronic trauma to the skin is causing the Melasma, the two primary sources of the trauma are repeated waxing/threading facial hair, especially the upper lip, or ongoing inflammation caused by cystic acne… especially if you are a “picker.”  In both cases, if the trauma stops, the Melasma often fades away on its own. Of course this brings up the question of how does a lady get rid of facial hair and cystic acne? The best possible solution for facial hair, is permanent laser hair removal.  No one needs to suffer with cystic acne, as the condition can absolutely be treated.

How can Melasma be treated?

  • For simple cases, where there is no persistent underlying hormonal instability that is causing the Melasma, Hydroquinone cream is often very effective. Hydroquinone does not bleach your skin. Rather it is a medication that suppresses your skin’s ability to make melanin, which is the pigment that gives your skin color. However, be careful to apply it only to the dark patches, because any skin treated with it will lighten. The precise formulation of the cream and the best protocol for a successful outcome is best determined by your physician who is treating your Melasma.
  • By far, the most effective treatments for Melasma utilize lasers combined with other treatments that help suppress the generation of excess melanin. There are many different kinds of lasers that can work for reducing Melasma, however, the magic is NOT in the laser, but rather how it is used. At AMA Skincare a bon-a-fide laser specialist will customize a treatment specifically for your skin and the specific type of Melasma you have. Often times a combination of different lasers will be used to produce the most effective treatment plan to reduce the Melasma.

It’s important to note that many spas and even some physicians promote various peels and microdermabrasion as effective treatments. However, both peels and micro-dermabrasion generally remove only the superficial layers of dead skin that is discolored, and thus your live skin underneath is likely to still be producing too much melanin.  Which means the results are typically only temporary.

If you are Asian or Hispanic, be super careful about any treatment methods that cause irritation to your skin, such as peels and dermal abrasion. Remember that trauma can CAUSE Melasma. Thus aggressive peels or dermal abrasion can actually make a Melasma much worse.

AMA Skincare has over 17 years of experience, and has performed over 65,000 treatments, we have learned that no two patients have the same physiology or skin and thus every Melasma case deserves a customized approach. Fortunately, with the exception of only the most unstable cases, our customized protocols not only work well, they have been getting progressively more effective with every patient.

Your Melasma can be a situation from the past that no longer steals your self-confidence and restricts you from showing the world your bright and beautiful face without concealer!  Please see the before and after pictures as well as watch the


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