How To Make a DIY Crown (And a FREE Printable!)


March is National Craft Month, so we’re bringing you a super simple craft that is perfect for any time of year. Check out how simple it is to make a DIY crown!

Whether you’re planning a Princess Party or just playing dress up with your kids, it’s fun to wear a crown and pretend you’re royalty.


For this particular craft, I made dozens of “blank” crowns to make it easy for kids to embellish and eventually “Crown Themselves” per my daughter’s “Where the Wild Things Are” themed birthday party. (It was a subtle Princess Party if you think about it… After all, she was crowned queen of all the wild things.)


If you think you’re not a crafty mama, think again! We all have it inside of us, it’s within that overflowing heart that loves our children.  All you need are a few supplies and your imagination.


Crown base:

Crown template (use mine or create your own!)

Letter-sized Cardstock



Ribbon or Thick Yarn 

Glue stick


Embellishments (Anything to your heart’s content. I used):



Glitter Glue




Paper/fabric flowers



  1. Trace the template on the back of your cardstock

2. Cut out the crown

3. Cut Ribbon or Thick Yarn cut to 46 inches

4. Fold ribbon in half to find the center. Crease.

5. Using the glue stick, glue along the bottom edge of the crown. (Front or back of crown, your choice.)

6. Quickly, before glue dries, place the center of the ribbon at the center of the base of crown. Press down to secure. The base is ready to embellish.

7. Use all of your embellishments to your heart’s (or your little one’s) content.

8. Tie the crown around your head and be prepared to be the prince or princess you were meant to be!


See how easy that was?

The kids at my daughter’s party loved making their own crowns and wearing them. Each was so special and one of a kind!


Check out some of the different crowns we made!


Here is a FREE PRINTABLE for you to use to make your own crowns!

*Crown Template (Sides should perfectly align to 8.5”x11” paper.)


How To Make a DIY Crown (And a FREE Printable!) PIN



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