Candytopia LA – An Instagram Dream With Edible Perks!


Candytopia Museum in LA is one of those amazingly Instagrammable places. I went there with a friend and we were kid free. Yep, you read correctly. KID FREE. I love sweets, my friend loves sweets, I love sneaky little kid-free road trips. So obviously it made sense to visit one of the most Instagrammable places in LA…kids-free! 

Candytopia LA closes its doors July 4th, and claims there will be no encores and no extensions to that date. Unlike the Museum of Ice Cream, it seems that Candytopia is going to leave LA and hit cities around the US. Tucked away in the Santa Monica Place mall, it’s a candy lover’s dream. Don’t believe me?

Check out my Candytopia photos!



Enjoying some much-needed relaxation time at the candy beach!


In all honesty, I’m not even sure what this emoji means! But this giant swing was fun all the same!!


Closest to surfing I am ever going to get….



There is a whole art gallery where each piece is made of candy. It’s very cleverly done, and the mum in me is happy that it’s well glued down and lacquered so little mouths aren’t tempted to sneak a lick!!


Yes in case you are wondering – this is a giant pit of (foam) marshmallows! It is one of the only timed areas. You get 5 minutes to wade around to your hearts content (or just lie there and take selfies, which is exactly what I did!!)

So as you can see, Candytopia was a huge hit. We had the best time, and I took all the candy we were given home to the boys, so no need to feel guilty for going without them!!

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