3 Awesome And Easy Meal Train Ideas To Bring a New Mom


meal train ideasIf you’ve ever experienced the magic of a meal train dinner after giving birth, then you know what an incredible gift it really is. The love and gratitude a new mom feels when her friends and family show up with food for her and her family while she recovers and celebrates new life is unmatched. I really mean it!

Having been on the receiving end of a meal train, I can tell you that the thoughtfulness and love is felt – and tasted.

After having our third child, friends and family prepared and delivered delicious homemade dinners, desserts, and sometimes breakfasts to me and my family for more than two weeks. It was incredibly touching. And, very delicious! 

Food is Love 

Since then, I look forward to sharing in this mode of celebration with other mom friends and family. But, I will admit, as eager as I am to participate, I am always a little bit shy.

Choosing a recipe and preparing a meal for someone is kind of scary.  

What if they don’t like it? Sending a message of love via the fork, if you’re not entirely confident, is a daunting task. There’s a lot at steak stake.

Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in enough meal trains to receive some calculable data on my recipe choices. Listed below, are 3 “awesome” meal train ideas to bring a special new mom if you’re feeling convicted to do so.

These meals have been tried and tested with more than favorable reviews. They’re also simple and easy to make as well as cost-effective. You can even make two batches at once so that your family has a delicious meal to enjoy as well!


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Roast Beef Dip Sliders

Say what you want about Pinterest, but I revere it like I do all great inventions. Pinterest, smartphones, and Instacart have absolutely revolutionized the way I live. And, these sliders are no different.

Quick, salty and easy to contain, you can make them a day or two ahead of time and deliver with a prepackaged salad, a carton of ice cream, and a 2-liter bottle of root beer for Root Beer Floats!



Have you tried Del Real Foods from Costco? They are FANTASTIC! One Costco-sized package of pre-cooked carnitas, refried beans, and rice are enough to feed two families of 4! They are essentially ready-made meals that you can heat up and deliver. Easiest of all meal train ideas right?

But, if you want to add a special touch, I use GOYA marinade when crisping the pork in a frying pan. I also like to pack tortillas, guacamole, sour cream, and chopped romaine lettuce. However, if you really want raving reviews, include this Mango Habanero Spiked Ranch. ?


Breakfast Burritos

The best thing about all three of these recipes is that you don’t have to be an artist or trained chef to make them look as good as they taste. The same is true for a traditional breakfast burrito:

  • Scramble 5-6 eggs.  
  • Melt cheese a top and roll them into a flour tortilla.
  • Of course, they’re even better if you can add some ground sausage or crisp bacon.
  • I also like to use Everything But the Bagel seasoning and/or hot sauce with these burritos. But, sometimes less is more.

As simple as this sounds, it was one of my favorite meal train gifts because it was quick to warm up, handheld, and it fed every one the morning after a sleepless night with a newborn.


Coordination & Delivery Tips

The week that I’ve planned to prepare and deliver food, I like to send mom a quick text asking which of these three meals sounds best to her. Keeping meal train options limited allows her the freedom to choose while giving you the space to prepare within your means.

I also like to use disposable pans or containers so that she does not feel the need to wash or return anything to me. Although, if you do prepare something special, and you want to deliver your delicious meal in nicer glass or porcelain containers, put your name on it and let her know you’ll come get it another time.

If you’re delivering dinner earlier in the day, which I commonly do, let her know when you’ll be dropping it off but that you do not expect to see her. Perhaps the most important of all meal train ideas is convenience for the recipient.

Although your special mom may be like me, chasing people down the street to say hello and holding their baby up like Simba from THE LION KING, there were also times when it would have been too overwhelming to host visitors.

So, if there are heating instructions that need to be shared, I’ll be sure to include but limit correspondence so that she knows I do not need her social graces at this time. Then again, with these easy meal train recipes, you can expect that she will get back to you just as soon as dinnertime is done!



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