My Wedding Motto Was “I Don’t Care”


My Wedding Motto Was "I Don't Care"

It’s true, the theme or motto of my wedding was “I don’t care.”  I’ll happily admit that.  It’s not like I didn’t care that I was getting married, it was more of I didn’t care about all of the other “stuff” that getting married comes with.  Aside from my dress and shoes, I just didn’t care.

I had never been the type that got wrapped up in tradition.  In fact, there were times in my life when I straight up bucked whatever someone else was trying to make me do just because it was what you were supposed to be doing.  I had a friend once tell me that she balled for a good forty-five minutes because as the host of a baby shower she was supposed to bring the diaper cake, but someone else had brought it instead!  Apparently, social party traditions did not get passed onto me, which also translated into my wedding.

When the planning of my wedding started I had a bridesmaid call me and ask if it was okay for her to get bangs.  I didn’t even know how to respond to this, she told me that for other weddings she had been in the bride was very particular about how their hair was cut before the wedding day.  I, on the other hand, told her that she could shave her head for all I cared.  The length of her bangs would have no bearing on my day, my marriage, or my happiness.  In fact, if she DID shave her head it would make for a very funny story when showing wedding photos.  So, please do!

My mother-in-law helped me plan basically the entire wedding as my mom lived in another state.  We had meetings almost every week about it.  She’d show me options and I’d pick one super fast.  She’d ask me if I wanted to think about it or compare.  I always told her, “No, the one I picked is fine!  If you think there needs to be a change I trust you!”

From the flowers to the table linens – even down to the shoes the groomsmen wore, whatever was easiest and quite frankly cheapest is really what it came down to.  Which was actually a good thing because the place we got the tuxedos from didn’t remember to bring shoes.  Thankfully, there was a discount shoe store nearby that we managed to get all of the shoes from a few hours before the wedding.

I’m not saying that I didn’t care about my day, of course, I did.

But like so many other things in life the other “stuff” didn’t matter that day.  What mattered was my marriage.

I’ve still got my wedding dress tucked away in a box.  Every now and then I look at my shoes and wonder if I’ll ever have the right occasion to wear them again.  Maybe I’m not a sentimental person, or maybe party planning is just not in my blood.  Call it another part of my social rebellion!  {I once insisted on being called MO, and wore my ponytail with the long part facing backward aka in my face}

Were you an “I don’t care, bride?”

My Wedding Motto Was "I Don't Care"