You Must Do This One Thing To Prevent Holiday Burnout This Season

You Must Do This One Thing To Prevent Holiday Burnout This Season

I love the holidays, BUT I will be the first to admit that somewhere between attending Christmas parties, visiting Santa, and wrapping a lot of gifts, I find myself in holiday burnout (and it usually happens before Christmas).

Here’s the best thing you can do this season to help prevent holiday burnout:

Master. Your. Calendar.

That’s the trick. Seems simple right? But it’s easier said than done. So, this year, I’ve jotted down a few reminders to slow down, be strategic, and prevent running out of steam. I hope these ideas can help you too.


My top tips for mastering your calendar and avoiding holiday burnout:


#1 – Schedule Ahead

Look at your calendar and write it all down. Look at the traditions and non-negotiables like Christmas with grandparents, Christmas Eve with the in-laws, Friendsmas, or whichever holiday traditions you celebrate in your life like Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc., and put these in your calendar like anchors. Everything will be scheduled around these must-do items.


#2 – Check Off That Holiday Bucket List

Think about the things that you’ve kept in the back of your mind for the holiday season. Is it spending winter break in the cabins? Is it finally getting ski lessons for your child? Maybe ice-skating and hot cocoa?

For me, I’ve always wanted to go to American Girl Store and Cafe with my daughter and have her pick out a special doll and enjoy a tea party. She’s 4 ½ and loves dolls, dressing up, and anything girly, so it’s the perfect time to do this bucket list item.

Write down these bucket list items, do your research, and see how they fit in your calendar. One thing to also keep in mind is, “what bucket list item fits in our current season?” If you have young kids, a night at a fancy play might not make sense. Although it’s on your bucket list, there might be a better year to do it.


#3 – Plan for REST Days

This is a new one for me and it’s so important. Rest days are your days to sleep in, to watch holiday movies, to catch up on laundry (although it’s not really resting), try a new recipe, etc. The beauty of these rest days is they also leave room in your calendar for the unexpected and last-minute surprises. They provide flexibility which is hard if your calendar is booked solid.


#4 – Say NO

As hard as it sounds, sometimes you have to say NO. Saying NO doesn’t have to be negative either, you can think of it as saying YES to something else. Saying YES to enjoying your children, Saying YES to a better plan.

There is a saying by a man named David Allen that I’d like to leave you with:

“You Can Do Anything but Not Everything!”

This has always been something that I’ve kept top of mind, especially during the holidays. So if you’d like to avoid that feeling of holiday burnout before your holiday season is even close to being over, try mastering your calendar and planning ahead!

What is your best advice for surviving the holiday season without having holiday burnout? Let us know in the comments below!

You Must Do This One Thing To Prevent Holiday Burnout This Season PIN

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Allison Melanio
Born and raised in Orange County from immigrant parents, Allison Melanio is an Xennial (mix of Gen X and Millennial) mom of three young children – Maddox (6), Macy (4) and Margaux (4 months). Her husband and two kids currently reside in Rancho Mission Viejo, CA. Allison’s background includes an Entertainment PR Internship at Nickelodeon in NYC, a Journalism degree from CSULB and 11 years doing corporate communications and events at Altec, a software company in Laguna Hills, CA. Allison ended 2019 by resigning from her position at Altec and now works part time at Canon Medical Systems, USA as a Multimedia Specialist so she can devote more time to her young children. A typical Monday to Friday week for Allison includes two to three work days, a day to take the kids to Pretend City, Disneyland or the Park and a day to volunteer in her son’s PreK class and then them to ballet and karate. Allison loves making lists, exploring new places, planning (vacations, parties, and events) and making the most out of every day!