The Best Not-Your-Typical Christmas Spotify Playlists

The Best Not-Your-Typical Christmas Spotify Playlists

It seems like Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year. Well this year Christmas arrived just after Halloween. This year the holiday season is a little different. This year is like a blank slate. So why not (because #2020) have some Christmas Spotify playlists that are also a little different.

Music is an integral part of celebration and maybe, for your home, having these unique playlists will encourage you to have at least 1 day of non-stop Christmas tunes.

I searched Spotify for some great holiday playlists and this is what I found. There’s a mix of traditional songs played in non-traditional ways, traditional songs played in fun ways and non-traditional song you may have never heard before.

These are not-your-typical Christmas Spotify playlists for your not-your-typical Christmas:


Electro Christmas Dance Party

This user-curated playlist is 3 1/2 hours of EDM Christmas remixes and original tracks. For all my late night dance party friends who are now in bed by 10pm, this list is sure to change your favorite reindeer from Rudolph to Dancer.


Reggae Christmas

6 hours of Christmas chill arranged by another Spotify user. I mean if we’re being honest we could all use more Christmas chill right now. Maybe your Christmas trip to Jamaica got cancelled and you want to bring some island flavor to your Christmas Palm. You can even pair it with a Jamaican Jerk Roast Turkey.


Folksy Christmas 

10 and half hours of down-home Christmas goodness makes up this Spotify-created playlist. It’s filled with all the songs you are used to sung by some of the artists you may already know but a fair share of artists most of us have never heard. This playlist definitely brings a different warmth and comfort to your bluetooth speaker.


Punk Christmas

Another fun Spotify-made playlist. This least will take you back to your Punk and Ska days of the 90s with almost 4 hours of Holiday classics with a twist. PSA: You’ll be tempted but don’t forget what happens when moms jump.


Hipster Christmas

Not to be confused with the “Folksy Christmas” playlist, this list has over 9 hours of music. While it still has some of those traditional folk sounds it also includes some Lauren Daigle, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Kasey Musgraves, and Boyz II Men. I love the variety and the great relief from the usual Top 10 Christmas songs.


Retro Holiday

Are you a fan of Funk and R&B (the old stuff not the D’Angelo stuff), maybe a little Motown? This one is for you. Unfortunately, this one barely has a 2-hour runtime, I would have loved for it to be longer. Make new traditions the year with a dance party around the Christmas tree.


Latin Christmas

Maybe you’re looking to kick up your holiday with some Latin spice or maybe you why to dust off your Bachata. This list sounds like just the thing for dancing around the kitchen while celebrating Nochebuena.


Lonely Christmas and Sad Christmas Classics

While being sad or lonely is never funny, I did find it a little humorous that Spotify has taken to putting both these lists, totaling over 5 hours, together. Based on the number of followers I can see that most people wouldn’t even think to search for them. Obviously, I don’t think this will bring you holiday cheer but I had to share them because they were unique and definitely not traditional.


I actually hope you will be able to listen to more than one of these lists. I remember, just 5-10 years ago, looking for fun Christmas songs that would catch my vibe. This year I’ve been super grateful to the Spotify and user-created playlists to get me by.

Did I miss your favorite playlist? I want to know which one. I’d also love to hear which Christmas Spotify playlists you rocked this holiday season! Merry Christmas friends and prayers for your upcoming year!

The Best Not-Your-Typical Christmas Spotify Playlists PIN