How We Are Going To “Keep It Real” This Christmas

keep it real this christmas
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We are going to “keep it real” this Christmas. And I realize that can mean a lot of things, but for my family, the way to keep it real is to go out and get a real Christmas tree.

I remember the first holiday season after my husband and I got married, I wanted a real Christmas tree.  And not only did I want a real one, but I also wanted to go to the lot and pick it out while drinking hot cocoa, with my bright red scarf, and Christmas music blasting in the background.  The whole experience was so much fun!

Because whether you are getting a real Christmas tree from a lot or physically going and chopping your own tree down, it’s all about the experience.  I can still remember the first tree we brought home.  It was GIGANTIC.  Truly, we had to go out and buy more lights – but I will never forget that!  The memories made while picking out our tree will be ones that I take with me always.

keep it real this christmasAnd now that I have children, I want to make those amazing memories with them.  I want to keep it real this Christmas because it’s been a really hard year and we all need a little pick me up!

So, why not go on an adventure together as a family? Make sure you’re following CDC guidelines.  Make finding the perfect tree a fun-filled game that everyone can take part in. Let them run through the lot – eyeing their favorite tree. Pick out the top three and then decide which one is the perfect fit for your family. I know for my children getting to pick “the one” fills them with a sense of pride – letting them take ownership is fun to watch and be a part of.

keep it real this christmasThe best part about getting a real Christmas tree is that you’re supporting a local business! There are so many local places to get a real Christmas tree right here in the OC! Many of these places also offer “extras” to make your experience more memorable.

Real Christmas trees are special, the way they smell can transport you to time with family,  AND can be at the center of the new memories we’re all looking to create.

It’s Christmas.  Keep it real. And make those memories with your family.  You’ll be talking about them for years to come.