DIY Sock Pumpkins : A Fun Fall Craft!


It’s that time of year when kids are back in school, the weather cools, the leaves begin to fall, and everything pumpkin begins! It’s truly my favorite season. From the spice to the fashion to Halloween and Thanksgiving.. and who doesn’t love a house decorated with pumpkins? I have the perfect DIY sock pumpkin craft for you!


If you’re a mama on a budget like me, look no further than your old sock drawer for this super easy decorative craft that takes less than 10 minutes to make!


Materials you’ll need:

Sock (I’d choose a neutral or fall color)



Rubber band

Twine, string, or yarn (color of your choice)

Glue gun

Embellishments (these can be faux leaves/flowers, ribbons, tiny pumpkins, etc)



  1. Cut sock in a line below heel

2. Stuff about an inch to the top. Be sure you make it look squat and round.

3. Tie rubber band at the top of stuffed part. This is the base of the stem.

4. Take the twine and tie it around rubber band, then wrap it around the pumpkin, being mindful of making it tight to create the ridges of the pumpkin. Loop it around the stem and around pumpkin again. Repeat two more times and then secure it with the original tie at the top.

5. Now time to embellish! I used a combination of ribbon, leaves, picks, faux flowers, and tiny pumpkins. 

6. Place in an area of the house you’d like to decorate and enjoy the fall vibes!


We’d love to see your DIY sock pumpkin creation! Feel free to send us a picture or tag us showing off your own sock pumpkin decor!


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