50 Elf On The Shelf Accessories For A Magical Holiday Season

50 Elf On The Shelf Accessories For A Magical Holiday Season

That Holly Jolly time of year is almost upon us! Eeeeekk!! As exciting as the holidays are for me, they no doubt can bring a little bit of added stress when you consider all of the extra tasks needed to bring about the aforementioned Holly Jolly.

One such added task goes by the name of Rosie in our home, but most would recognize her as The Elf On The Shelf.  It is ridiculous the amount of pressure that is now placed on parents, to not only have an elf in your house, but also to create elaborate setups with it day by day throughout the holidays!

Well, this year I decided to make it easier on myself and come up with a schedule and plan beforehand, with the helping hand of some of my favorite Etsy shops. So, if you are like me and need a little inspiration and help with your elf plans this year, check out these 50 Elf on the Shelf accessories, apparel, and other fun stuff you can buy!

Elf On The Shelf Apparel

Elf On The Shelf Etsy Apparel

Elf Mask – The must-have elf accessory for 2020!

Disney Sweaters – Because we all are going through Disney withdrawals (or maybe that’s just me!)

Skirts – A must for any female elf!

NFL Cheerleader – Bonus points if your elf is a Kansas City Chiefs fan!

Scrubs – To honor all our front line healthcare workers this holiday!

Minnie Mouse Set – Disney, need I say more?

Harry Potter House Robes – Brining Hogwarts magic to an already magical season!

Yoda Sweater – Buy it, you will.

Sweater Collection – So many cute options to choose from!

Plaid Dress – When your lady elf needs to be dressed in her holiday best!

Mermaid Tail – Holiday beach day ready.

Personalized Name Christmas Sweater – Straight from Grandma Elf.

Buddie And Jovie Elf Costumes – These may be pricy…but toooo cute!

Converse-Like Sneakers – Elves like shoes too!

Adidas Sneakers – Elves like stylish shoes too!

Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat – Yes, I have a Disney addiction.

Jedi Costume – May The Force be with us all this holiday season.


Elf On The Shelf Accessories

Elf On The Shelf Etsy Accessories

Elf IPad – Let’s be real, the iPad and 2020 go hand in hand.

Flags – Loud and proud and from the North Pole.

Elf Jenga – How high can you go?

Small Signs – Get your mini marker out and your creative juices flowing!

Letter Board Signs – 48 letter board signs for your elf, just download and print!

Cookie Stand – Adorable…. But even better if you throw in some real deal chocolate chip treats with it!

Notes & Messages – Printable notes and props take all of the work out of your Elf planning!

Personalized Elf Message – Welcome your merry friend back into the house with a personalized greeting!

Personalized Puzzle – A fun interactive gift from the North Pole!

Starbucks/Elfbucks– Well, this one just might win cutest ever, but first, COFFEE!

Elf Sleeping Bag – If your little ones get curious about where the elf sleeps!

Basketball Kit – Air Elf on the move!

Movie Theater Kit – Now showing…The Elf!

Foot Print Stencils – When your elf needs to leave a trail of mischief!

McDonalds Display – When your elf just needs a Big (little) Mac.

Elf Door – Another handy prop for when those kiddies start asking smart questions…like how the elf comes and goes so easily!

Elf Hand Connectors – These come in handy no matter your setup.

Elf Popcorn – All prepped for movie night!

Elf Cornhole – For those that know and love this fun game.

Magic Elf Gloves – When your little one just HAS TO touch the elf!

Elf Caution Tape – Caution: Elves At Play.

Sugar Cookie Set – Customized and Cute: Elf and stocking cookies.

Elf Hammock – For those lazy dayz.

Elf Donut Box – Not included: a cup of piping hot magic (AKA: Coffee).

Cookie Cutters – For the DIY Elf on the Shelf parent.

Elf Arrival Balloon – Because what child doesn’t love a balloon?

Paint Set Up – For the Picasso in your elf.

Elf Quarantine Box – Because 2020. But really…a quarantine elf won’t sound like a bad idea come the middle of December!

Full Package Of Elf On The Shelf Accessories

Elf On The Shelf Etsy

Ultimate Guide, Planner, and Printables – The ULTIMATE Christmas + Elf on the Shelf Guide and Planner, including over 25 printables to help with your Elf-ing (over 60 pages in total)!

The Complete Elf Kit – This kit includes everything you need for 14 days of elf mischief. Kits will be customized based on the gender you select.

Elf On The Shelf Antics Kit – Included are all 25 days of activities, each individually wrapped and labeled, a calendar showing what happens when, and you even receive TWO outfits for your elf! There are also EIGHT bonus days of activities included so there are 33 days of things to do total!

Elf Around The World Kit – Looking for something new for your Christmas Elf tradition? This all-inclusive kit will take your elf around the world – to seven different countries – introducing your family to unique Christmas traditions at each stop. You will love the elf this year as much as your kids!

Elf Of All Trades Prop Kit – You will receive a box full of props and a numbered list telling you the activity of the day, which props to use from the box, and a message you just have to write out in your best elvish handwriting, or purchase a specially designed set in my separate listing. That’s it. No planning. No brainstorming. Simply do as you’re told with what’s included. Easy-peesy.

Happy Elfing!

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