Megaformer Pilates – How It’s Helping My Rheumatoid Arthritis!

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megaformer pilates2 months ago I decided to try out a Megaformer Pilates class (Lagree Method) at Pilates Plus in Yorba Linda. I was nervous. You see, 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) after unexplained swelling and pain in my knees resulted in me seeing various doctors. My RA was managed pretty well until a few months ago when the swelling started up again. I was at my wit’s end. I was fed up with my knees hurting and of waking up to pain in my hands, so I decided to make some changes.

One of the biggest factors in my management of my RA is changing my diet.

When I cut out sugar, my inflammation drastically reduces. Cutting out gluten also really helps, as does including a good quality probiotic in my routine. I love Regular Girl. I also love to include healthy fats in my diet because they are great for joint health.

But recently I discovered that my diet and medication schedule aren’t all that make a difference. 

I used to love to exercise, but my RA diagnosis made finding low impact exercise my only option and I HATE swimming. Getting my hair wet just isn’t for me! I gave up exercise for too long until my discovery of megaformer pilates. I had tried regular pilates and yoga before. I enjoyed them, but also found them a little dull. Megaformer pilates feels like everything I was ever looking for in a low impact exercise regime, but couldn’t find! 

So What Is Megaformer Pilates?

Pilates Plus can say it way better than I can, so here is an excerpt from their website explaining exactly what the Lagree method is and how the Megaformer works:

“Lagree Fitness, created by fitness guru Sebastien Lagree,  is a unique fusion of Pilates, cardio and strength training.  The workout is largely based on the holistic principles of Pilates, but also emphasizes the strength training and cardio elements not inherent to Pilates to achieve muscle definition faster than traditional Pilates and/or weight training alone. The end result is a heart pumping, muscle exhausting, total body workout that will blow your mind – All in about 45 minutes.

“By incorporating the key principles of core stability and blending them with the fusion of muscle dynamics, Sebastien Lagree has created the next evolution in physical fitness. It is the most innovative and aggressive approach to full body conditioning. Moving effectively out of the borders of conditioned stimulus, the workout integrates the key elements of resistance and counter-resistance in a sequence that allows for periods of zero gravity at peak muscle contraction. The composition of this method is significant in that it encourages maximum exertion while allowing for low risk of injury. The workout strengthens the body, tones and elongates the muscles, improves endurance, jump-starts the metabolism, burns fat, increases flexibility and postural alignment, and restores the body’s natural balance. The member, at conclusion, is left with a lithe and powerful body, resistant to the everyday stresses of work and life.

“At the core of Pilates Plus YL training method is the Megaformer™ M3, which represents a significant evolution of the traditional Pilates reformer. It is designed to cater to both upper and lower body muscles, using a system of springs and pulleys to accommodate the resistance and counter-resistance elements of the workout. Under the guidance of a certified instructor, it’s one of the safest ways to strengthen muscles while reducing stress on the joints and connective tissue.”

The reduction in stress on the joints – combined with the intensity of the exercise – is having such an amazing impact on my body.

I am stronger, fitter, I have more energy and I feel motivated to do so much more. But I am also in less pain.

My joint inflammation is dramatically reduced, and I am SO HAPPY about that!! I never imagined I would be in this position when I was first diagnosed with RA and it’s a great feeling to not only be beating this autoimmune disease but also to be feeling so awesome. 

If you are looking for a great form of exercise that makes you sweat, shake, and gets your heart racing then I would look for a local Lagree method class where they use the Megaformer machine and give it a go.

And if you are lucky enough to be close to Pilates Plus in Yorba Linda, go see Jami – her and all her other instructors are amazing! I can guarantee you will not regret giving Megaformer Pilates a try. 

megaformer pilates

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