5 Natural Deodorants I Like (And Why You Should Make The Switch)


natural deodorants i likeThis past year I have been really cleaning out my “toxic” closet. One of the biggest yet easiest changes I made was deodorant. Conventional deodorants are usually made with ingredients that can be extremely harmful to your health. They contain parabens, synthetic fragrances, and aluminum, to name a few.

These ingredients are hormone disruptors and have been known to increase the risk of cancer.

Aluminum is the ingredient that inhibits perspiration. Here’s the thing with perspiration: it’s one way toxins leave your body. So when you inhibit that process, the toxins hang on in that area. Unfortunately, that area is by the breast. For more information you can consult this article from Dr. Mercola.

I have tried many natural deodorants but some of them were just sample size so I don’t feel I can give a fair review. I want to preface this with, I was a Secret Prescription Strength kinda gal so I needed something strong.


Here are 5 natural deodorants I like and my experience with them:


#1: The Crystal Stick – $4.75 – $6.99

This one is old school. They even use a different version of it in other countries. It’s awesome because it only has one, toxin-free ingredient. This stick of pure mineral salt can block odor for up to 24 hours. I loved it!

The reason it didn’t work out for me was that it would always fall out of the holder, hit the sink, and crack. I just got tired of replacing it. That said, now they have more options so I recommend you try one of those.  


#2: doTERRA Natural Deodorant – $11

I was really excited about this one. Another product I can buy from myself!! The natural ingredients in this deodorant combined with therapeutic-grade essential oils make this effective at fighting odor.

The problem? I broke out in a rash from it. This still could be a great option for you if you are free from the sensitivity I will mention next. (After I started this post, doTERRA released a new Balance Blend deodorant and announced they are working on a citrus scent as well as a sensitive formula.)   


#3: Schmidt’s Charcoal- Magnesium – $9 – $10

I love the detoxifying properties of both charcoal and magnesium. I chose to try this one out because I felt these ingredients would be helpful in inhibiting body odor.

It worked great but once again, a rash. Once I contacted the company I found out that I have a sensitivity to baking soda. The plus side is Schmidt’s customer service was top-notch and they kindly sent me a replacement with my choice of scent in the sensitive formula.

I chose Fragrance-Free and did not find it effective. Just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Side note about Schmidt’s: they have a subscription program and they have a recycle program for their natural deodorants I like that come in glass jars. 


#4: SmartyPits Aluminum-Free Deodorant – $9.99 – $11.99

This has by far been my favorite! My first try was Lavender & Rose. I started with the sensitive formula since I already knew about my sensitivity. I didn’t feel the scent was strong enough for me so I tried the Eucalyptus & Spearmint. Wow! Before this I didn’t even realize how much of a difference the scent could make. I still use this one to this day.

Here are my favorite side notes about SmartyPits:

First of all, they are a small team with big dreams. The deodorant was created because of a loved one’s breast cancer diagnosis. The breast cancer was not genetic and she did get it from environmental causes. A portion of all sales is donated to breast cancer research & survivor support. If you purchase through the subscription program you save money and get free shipping. 


#5 – Native – $12

I didn’t personally try this one but I wanted to share it because I have heard good things about it. I was actually on the verge of trying it when I found SmartyPits. Native is available through a subscription and offers free shipping. They use clean ingredients and even have acidophilus in their formula to eat up all your odor-causing friends.  


Honorable Mention:

LATHER Deodorant Creme – $14

The OCMB staff recently went to a Pamper Party at LATHER in Pasadena and our Managing Editor fell in love with their Lavender & Bergamot Deodorant Creme. She’s tried several other natural deodorants over the past 7 years, and this by far has worked the best for her. Don’t be turned off by the price. A little goes a long way, and a single container can last for 6+ months. The plus side is you can go there and try out their products before you buy! 


A final tip about these natural deodorants I like

When making the switch to natural deodorant I recommend you detox your underarms with a clay mask. This should be repeated a few times a month. Natural deodorants need to be reapplied throughout the day on clean, dry skin. Your body will need time to adjust to the natural ingredients so just be aware of that and give it time.

Take a big – but simple – step towards health and wellness and replace your toxic deodorants with a safe but effective option!