Fitness in Orange County

We are thrilled to bring you our Moving to Orange County Guide sponsored by Living Well Pregnancy Centers + Germicidal Maids!

fitness in Orange CountyFitness is a way of life for so many people in Southern California. I tend to believe it’s due to the amazing weather and the looming thought of bathing suit season being year round. Or maybe it’s for health reasons. Either way, you have a lot of choices when it comes to fitness. Trails, hikes, cycling, running, Crossfit, yoga, pilates, Orangetheory, HIIT training, barre classes, outdoor groups, and boutique gyms offer a plethora of ways to get moving across Orange County.

How to Find the Right Fitness Center for YOU!

  • Do you need access to all types of workout equipment?
    • You might consider a larger chain gym such as 24-hour or LA Fitness
  • Do you prefer group fitness classes?
    • Several larger chain gyms, as well as more specialized gyms such as CrossFit or Train Insane Gym, offer group classes.
  • Do you like working out indoors?
    • If you hate being on the treadmill or confined to a stationary bike check out Meetup for groups that workout together outside!
  • Injuries
    • Consider your physical state – do you have a pre-existing injury that may require special attention?  If so, you may want a one-on-one trainer to make sure you’re working out without injury.
  • Cost
    • Many larger chain gyms offer memberships for less than $50, while some of the smaller more personal gyms can cost well over $100.  Find what is best for your budget.
  • Childcare
    • Before joining ask about each facility’s childcare policy or program.  Take a tour of where your child will be while you work out and also how they handle the occasional diaper change or tantrum.  You’ll have a much better workout knowing that your child is safe and happy!
  • Make it a fun!
    • Make sure wherever you land that fitness is fun!  You’re much more likely to keep it up AND make it worth your membership.

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