I’m 33 And I STILL Shop At Forever21


That’s right, I still shop at Forever 21.  

And I have no shame.  

I know, I should have stopped years ago, but I didn’t and I most likely never will.  Okay, at some point I will, but not anytime soon.

I remember the very first time I shopped at Forever21.  It was at the Mall of America in Minneapolis.  I bought a blue, red and white shirt that had the number 31 on it.  I was in awe of the prices, even as a seventeen-year-old.  I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to BE 21.

And then time flies by like a flash of lighting and here I am 33 and still shopping at Forever21.

Basically here are the reasons why.

  1. Price. – Honestly, it’s just so inexpensive.  Especially if you shop their sales.  Most people give me grief about the quality, but I haven’t really had any problems.  I still am wearing the clothes I bought in college.  Yep – they’ve lasted that long.
  2. Trend without the spend. – I can buy that weird trend and not worry about it breaking the bank or if I don’t wear it very often.  Why?  Because it only cost me $11.00.  And $11.00 is basically a couple Cold Brews from Starbucks, so I’m okay with it.
  3. “Adult” Clothes. – Now, this may or may not still be happening. There actually used to be a line of clothing that was for the more sophisticated Forever21 shopper. AKA the shopper who is 33 and still refusing to shop at Ann Taylor Loft.  The shopper who has hips and isn’t a flat chested 12-year old who hasn’t housed babies in their uterus for 9-plus months of their lives!  And it was a really cute line!
  4.  I’m too lazy to shop anywhere else.  – I think it’s a pretty well-known fact given my history that I’m lazy. So, it makes sense that I would continue to shop at a store 15 years after it was deemed acceptable for me to shop there.

So, there you have it.  I still shop at Forever21 and not ashamed to say it!  How else could I get my 90’s groove back without breaking the bank?



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