Elena Bosch

10 Ideas For A Socially Distanced Halloween

10 Ideas For A Socially Distanced Halloween

When news broke that Los Angeles County banned trick-or-treating, haunted houses, and Halloween parades, I was crushed. As my phone blew up with texts and the news was shared on my Facebook feed, the...
do more with less

Please Stop Asking Me To Do More With Less

This week I hit the breaking point. It’s day 59,285,174,820 of this pandemic and today was the day it felt I could take no more. I can no longer do more with less.   Maybe you...
date night

My First Date Night In A Pandemic

My six year wedding anniversary with my husband hit earlier in the month and the lure of eating dinner - alone - in a nice restaurant for a date night was too tempting to...
protect your personal finances

How To Protect Your Personal Finances, Especially In A Pandemic

For more than eight years, I worked with consumer finance and lending companies managing marketing and communications campaigns. If there is anything I can take away that applies to my personal life, it is...
Struggle with nursing

I’m Not Going To Make It A Year

We’ve all been told at one point in early motherhood, “breast is best” or some iteration of the phrase. Generally, I’ve noticed this advice comes from a well-meaning OBGYN or nurse. Other times it...
mixed feelings

It’s Okay To Have Mixed Feelings

It’s another day in 2020. I’m actually not quite sure what day. I just realized I haven’t changed my calendar from the month of March. I do know that my heart yearns for some...
7 Useful Things I’m Glad I Bought Right Before The Pandemic

7 Useful Things I’m Glad I Bought Right Before The Pandemic

Once upon a time, before toilet paper was a coveted commodity and leggings weren’t quite yet acceptable as pants, I splurged on a few items to help me recover from childbirth that have served...
baby doula

The Importance Of A Baby Doula (Even During a Pandemic)

It was recently World Doula Week, and as anxiety mounts for new and expecting mamas during these unpredictable times, the role of a baby doula is more important than ever. While many hospitals are limiting...
How To Stay Productive While Working From Home With Kids

How To Stay Productive While Working From Home With Kids

Let’s face it - most of us are now working from home with our kids. It’s getting bonkers out here (or, in here I should say).  But be not dismayed! The work from home moms...
working mom

Why This Working Mom Is DONE Pretending At The Office

Last year, I was expecting my second child and gearing up to go on maternity leave as a working mom. My boss planned a shower for me and for some reason confided to me...
oscars banned ad

Why You Need To Watch That Ad Banned From The Oscars

Frida mom, a top-selling company specializing in postpartum products, created one of the most truthful depictions of new motherhood in its 30-second ad intended for Sunday evening's Oscars. Instead, it was banned. Citing the Academy...

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