Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – 10 Exciting Things You Will Find Inside

This post is the first in our week-long STAR WARS series celebrating the grand opening of Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland!

Not too long from now, in a galaxy not too far away, the Disneyland Resort will unveil their newest (and some might argue greatest) land in a theme park – Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Die-hard STAR WARS fans and galactic novices alike can find much to do, see, and experience in this 14 acre area with the Disneyland park. In fact, for the first several weeks after this all new land opens, Disneyland is requiring reservations to enter Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge due to the perceived high demand.

Galaxy’s Edge is set to open May 31, 2019 and advance reservations to enter it will be limited to a 4 hour time block until June 23, 2019.

If you are planning to visit during those dates you can visit Disneyland’s website to read more about the guidelines and make a (no cost) reservation.


Disneyland Star Wars Opening


Here are 10 unique and exciting things to watch out for when you find yourself within bounds of The Force at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge:


#1 – The Rides

Let’s just begin by talking about the main attractions, shall we?  Galaxy’s Edge holds in store two of the most anticipated rides of all time at Disneyland – Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run and Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance. Both promise to be show stoppers.

Given the attention to detail and authenticity combined with exciting interactive experiences, these rides will be like nothing offered at Disney before. Millenium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run lets riders 38″ or taller have a role in taking flight on a breathtaking adventure. Guests will either have the role of Pilot, Engineer, or Gunner, and after a little bit of training the whole crew will be in hyperspace!

Opening at a later date this year, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will lead guests in a battle against the First Order. Needless to say, these rides will almost certainly have very long lines, but will likely be worth every second of the wait!


#2 – Batuu

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge has a setting unlike no other.  The land of Batuu is divided into two sections: the Resistance Forest and the Black Spire Outpost. Themed music, voices, and scents infiltrate the land as do the towering weathered trees and rocks transforming you into another universe and time.

Have you always wished you could see a Star Wars ship up close in person? How about several? Well wish no more as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has not just one, but several replicas of ships scattered throughout the land, all in incredible detail for your viewing and photo-taking pleasure! 


#3 – Oga’s Cantina

Forget the typical Disneyland cart vendor or drinks stand. Oga’s Cantina serves up a truly unique experience to match the even more unique drink offerings. While this watering hole will be serving adult cocktails, it will be a place that anyone will enjoy, no matter what age.

A droid DJ will be keeping the music and entertainment flowing while you sip on a unique drink like the Jedi Mind Trick or the Fuzzy Tauntaun.


Things To Do In Star Wars Galaxy's Edge



#4- Savi’s Workshop

Of course a STAR WARS-themed land is not complete without the most awesome shop within which you could custom make your own lightsaber right!?

Those that have reviewed the experience have been completely impressed with the life-like glow, amazing sound effects, and heavy duty construction. Not only is the lightsaber a fun and amazing souvenir to take home, but the experience of custom creating it will likely be the most special part. 


#5 – Droid Depot

As you are starting to see by now in this post, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is much more than rides. It is all about the experience!

If you want to take the experience up another notch, be sure to visit the Droid Depot where you can make and activate your very own Astromech Unit droid (BB or R series) from the parts, chips, and manuals in the workshop.


#6 – An Interactive App

The first land in a Disney theme park to have interactions within the Play Disney Parks App, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will feature several interactive app components including adding an interactive dimension with the ships, screens, and droids throughout the land.

There is also a rumor that the app can deliver secrets and help deciphering galactic jargon.


#7 – Milk Stand

Get a feel for what it is like to be Luke Skywalker by stopping by the Milk Stand and treating yourself to a blue or green frosty cool milk.

This special and colorful treat is also said to be plant-based so no heavy dairy will be sitting in your stomach while you’re out in the hot California sun!


#8 – Creature Stall

Think of this as the Star Wars petting zoo of sorts! In this shop you will see many unique creature friends including Kowakian monkey lizards.

Look around and if you happen to find your new best friend, you can even take a critter home (for a cost of course)!


#9 – Kat Saka’s Kettle

This fun snack stall houses what will likely be one of Star Wars: Galaxy Edge’s signature treats, the Outpost Mix.

This treat is said to be a popcorn-based snack that is both sweet and savory and certainly colorful!


#10 – Dok-Ondar’s Den Of Antiquities 

One can only imagine the interesting and amazing items that will be found within these walls. The shop is curated by Dok-Ondar, who displays rare and interesting items found from all over the galaxy including tools, crystals, and other mysterious objects.

No matter if you will be one of the first to visit this spectacular Galaxy, or if you visit a year down the road… as you can see here, the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge experience appears that it will be out of this world! 

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Things To Do