Live Like A Disney Cast Member Always


cast memberMy family and I have been on an amazing Disney vacation for the last week.  And aside from the fantastic family memories we’ve created I’ve come to realize one BIG thing.

Disney Cast Members are the best.

There are tens of thousands of employees that make the whole Disney World machine keep running.  And every single one of them is kind, considerate and go out of their way for any guest.  Even if that guest is screaming at them.  The Disney Cast Member keeps their cool.

Can you imagine if we all lived out our lives like a Disney Cast Member?  Where we truly are concerned about creating the best life experience for others instead of focusing solely on ourselves?

Where each person who walks through our lives is treated with the same respect as the person before them?  Where our ultimate goal is to help?  How cool would that world look?

At one point during our trip, we needed to stop for a minute to regroup.  We stopped in a lounge at Animal Kingdom and were greeted by Jimmy.  Not only did Jimmy give our kids a little extra special treatment but he also took the time to sit next to us and tell us all about a few unknown places to watch the fireworks at Epcot.  He answered a few more of our questions and then we were on our way.

Now, I know, the Disney Cast Members are being paid so their incentive to act accordingly is much higher than just us regular people living lives and not being paid to be kind and courteous.  However, I have been to countless other establishments where the service from a paid employee was less than kind.

So, in a world where one can be or act like anything – be a Disney Cast Member.  Think about how great that would be! Maybe we go that extra mile to open a door for the person behind us.  Or maybe we listen with more patience to the person next to us.

Because let’s face it.  We are all just one person acting like a Disney Cast Member away from having a magical day.

disney cast member