What Is The Nanny Tax, And Do I Have To Pay It?

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nanny tax

If you’re like me and you hear the words Nanny Tax, you’re probably thinking, that doesn’t apply to me because I don’t have a nanny.

Except, you probably have a babysitter, right?  And maybe you even have a housekeeper or a senior caregiver?

And, if you’re like me, and you see that paying a babysitter or housekeeper $2,100 or more a year requires you to pay a nanny tax. You’re probably also thinking there’s no way that that applies to me because I couldn’t possibly pay a babysitter or housekeeper that much a year.

I’d say, like me, go add up your Venmo transfers for 2019.

See, $2,100 a year adds up super-fast, especially when the cost of a babysitter generally starts at about $15/hr.  And when you do the fast math, it really only takes having a babysitter twice a month for a few hours to get to $2,100 a year!

The same thing happens when you add up the cost of a housekeeper!  Two cleans a month at a little over $100 a clean and bam – you’ve hit $2,100 this year!

Yep – you, like me, have to pay the Nanny Tax!

So, what is the Nanny Tax, and how does one pay it?

Well, the nanny tax is a combination of federal and state tax requirements detailed in  IRS Publication 926  that families must manage when they hire a household employee, such as a nanny, housekeeper, senior caregiver or personal assistant. The taxes include:

  • Taxes withheld from the employee:  Social Security & Medicare taxes (FICA), as well as federal & state income taxes.
  • Taxes paid by the employer:  Social Security & Medicare taxes, as well as federal & state unemployment insurance.

In order to pay the Nanny Tax, you must apply for a Tax ID, calculate and track payroll, file tax returns, and complete year-end forms.

These year-round payroll and tax processes can take up about 55 hours of your time each year.

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nanny tax