Mikaeya Kalantari

Mikaeya is a Kansas City native that recently found her way to Southern California while helping her husband to chase his dreams. She is a woman that wears many hats and is not only a wife and mother to twin five year old girls, but also a pediatric dentist and healthy living blogger. She resides in Mission Viejo where her and her husband and mother in law run a family dental practice - Sunshine Smiles Of Orange County. Outside of the dental office, you can find her and her family soaking in the sun and outdoor activities that their new California home offers them. Mikaeya lives by her motto: SMILE, Life Is Good! You can follow along with Mikaeya on Instagram (@coloryourhealth) or on her website (www.coloryourhealth.com).
Fun Ideas For Parent and Child Dates

40 Fun Ways To Have Memorable Parent And Child Dates

A while back we talked about my thoughts on the importance of parenting children as individuals (and why it’s so hard) along with the ideas of how to spend one-on-one time with your children....
healthy Halloween

Oral Health Tips For A Healthy Halloween Season

We are upon that time of year when excitement is at an all time high, as are the sugary candies and treats associated with the upcoming Halloween and soon to follow holiday festivities. From...
How To Give Children Undivided Attention

Giving Children Our Undivided Attention: How To Make It Work

If you caught Part One of my series on parenting challenges, you will know that my latest parenting challenge has been trying to make sure my girls get enough undivided attention. In a multiple...
Giving Children Attention, Why It's Important

Do You Also Struggle With This Parenting Challenge?

I remember as a new mom people telling me that raising kids does not necessarily get “easier” but just “different.” I’m sure you have heard this exact same phrase a time or two in...
Green School Year

7 Ways To Have A Green School Year

Going Green. What does “going green” really mean? To some, it is a trend that sounds good. To others it is a lifestyle that sounds amazing in theory, but not hardly convenient enough to...
summer activities for kids

7 Simple And Fun Summer Activities For Kids Of All Ages

We have reached that point in summer vacation where many moms have exhausted their "things to do" and "places to go" lists with a few more weeks yet to go! Well, at least I...
What I didn't expect about raising twins

Raising Twins Is Hard…But Not For The Reasons You Think

Silence. And then, "Did you know that there's two?!" The moment that will be forever etched in my memory at what was to be my first of many ultrasounds during my pregnancy. All at...
DIY Foaming Hand Soap Recipe

We Love This Easy And Affordable DIY Foaming Hand Soap Recipe!

Well believe it or not, making your own DIY foaming hand soap is actually quite easy. I used to be the type to buy all of the yummy foaming hand soap flavors from big...
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – 10 Exciting Things You Will Find Inside

Not too long from now, in a galaxy not too far away, the Disneyland Resort will unveil their newest (and some might argue greatest) land in a theme park - Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Die-hard...
Teething Tricks

6 Teething Tricks To Try When You Need A Lifeline

If you are reading this then you likely have entered into one of the rites of passage in Motherhood – the teething years. Truth be told, there is light, oh so much light, at...

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