Joanne Martinez

Joanne is an OC native, a proud boy mom and holistic wellness aficionado who loves Jesus, good boba and singing. Her passion for holistic health and wellness is rooted in an education in dietetics and emotional wellness through essential oils. She is certified in Essential Oils in the Birth Kit and is a doTERRA Certified Essential Oil Specialist. In her off time she enjoys taking road trips, serving others and cooking. You can find her on instagram @lovejoannemartinez
baby's gender

Why I Wanted My Baby’s Gender To Be A Surprise

From balloons in boxes to candy filled cakes to cracking eggs on your forehead, there is no shortage of ways to announce the gender of your baby. It's all super cute to watch and...
minimalist guide to gift giving

A Minimalist Guide To Gift Giving For The Holidays

Being a parent to a toddler means having to constantly figure out the best way to store and organize the regularly growing amount of toys. While some parents aren't bothered by the overwhelming amount...
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5 Natural Deodorants I Like (And Why You Should Make The Switch)

This past year I have been really cleaning out my "toxic" closet. One of the biggest yet easiest changes I made was deodorant. Conventional deodorants are usually made with ingredients that can be extremely...
cheese crackers recipe

How To Make Your Own “Goldfish” Cheese Crackers At Home

Every once in a while we get a notification that one of our favorite foods is being voluntarily recalled for salmonella, E. Coli, or missing finger. Okay maybe not so much the finger. When...
$1 discount movies

Everything You Need To Know About $1 Discount Movies This Summer

Taking kids to the movies can seem like a daunting venture when you think about their attention span and the current cost of a regular movie ticket. No one wants to pay $12-$15 to...
perfect mom

I Was The Perfect Mom And Then…I Had A Kid

One afternoon, my son woke up from his nap already in a funk. He was annoyed and demanding. In true "new mom" fashion I went through the list of things that could quickly save...
respiratory wellness

6 Alternative Ways To Support Your Child’s Respiratory Wellness

The flu was not messing around this year. You probably already knew that because it seems like no one was safe. In a home that rarely relies on medication (over-the-counter or otherwise) dodging even...
direct sales

How To Help Your Friend’s Direct Sales Business Without Going Broke Yourself

We all have that one friend. Some of us have a few, or ten. They are constantly filling your feed with sales and ads and tips and tricks and silly games. Or maybe you’ve...