How To Help Your Friend’s Direct Sales Business Without Going Broke Yourself


direct salesWe all have that one friend. Some of us have a few, or ten. They are constantly filling your feed with sales and ads and tips and tricks and silly games. Or maybe you’ve re-connected with an old friend on Facebook and she hasn’t sent you a message, but she’s sent you an invite to her special enrollment deal. Yes, it can be hurtful, but have you considered that maybe she just doesn’t know any better yet? We see the moms in our Facebook groups. Some of them can be overbearing with their sale pitches. They friend you, they promptly respond to your request for advice on the most comfortable leggings, the best protein shake, or how to help your kid sleep. Or maybe one of your besties has gathered up her confidence to try out a new money-making endeavor and is asking for your support. 

In the beginning, people aren’t always sure how to connect successfully with their network. Especially when their network is all online because the only person she’s been able to make time for in real life lately is 3 years old. Don’t be so quick to dismiss women that have passion for what they do. Don’t jab them with a harsh comment that shows you aren’t interested. We live in Orange County where the market is saturated with direct sales businesses. Jobs where you can make your own schedule are popular for moms who want to spend more time at home. If they don’t reach out to you, someone else will.

Like I said, some of us have many a friend who are doing direct sales. We care for our friends. But how can we possibly support them all?

Here are a few easy tips that won’t cost you any extra money:

Take time to find out about her business

Maybe you know what she sells, but do you know why? Do you know why she chose to build a business with that company? Give her an opportunity to show you what sets it apart from other companies or products and what sets her apart from other consultants. By getting to know her goals and learning some key facts about her new career path you can point people in her direction when they need to shop.

Be open to hosting a class or party for her

A great way to support your friend is by hosting whatever event she needs you to host. Help her connect with others in your circle. But most of all, let her practice her skill. Even if nobody buys anything she will get the chance to go through the motions and fine tune her “script.”

Don’t put down her choice of career

Just because it’s not your thing doesn’t mean it won’t work for her. Direct Sales is a legitimate way of doing business and many people enjoy the vibe of networking with others to build a business.  What she is doing is not too different than opening her own brick and mortar retail store. Her overhead is lower but her chance for success is the same. In an article he wrote for Forbes Magazine, Robert Laura said:

MLM and direct selling programs also offer very low barriers into entrepreneurship, often providing training, support, and ample encouragement along the way.

Like it or not, she really is a mompreneur.

Shop with her when you need to buy gifts

Before you go and buy your niece that eye shadow pallet at Sephora, check with that friend or mom in the mom group. Often, the quality of the products you buy from direct sales are the same as what you would buy in the store, sometimes even better. The prices may seem a little higher than most retail chains but when compare them to your local small business, you will find the prices are about the same. You need to do the shopping regardless, so you might as well help your local “book lady” support her family or save up for their first family vacation.

Be her cheerleader

When she posts about her personal successes with her product or her professional success with her business, like the post. Take the time to make a comment showing support and let her know you are proud of her. She will not think it is an open door to ask you to sign up for a monthly shipment of protein powder. I would even say this is the BEST way to support your friend because sometimes all we need is to know someone believes in us. She will appreciate this the most. As moms, we have enough negativity and enough people tearing us down. What we need are people telling us, “Good job!”

To my mommas that are doing the hustle: pay no attention to the naysayers, the people who don’t know about business, and the people who don’t know you. There will always be someone that has something negative to say about you or your business. Those people will always have something negative to say about everything. Continue to better yourself and the ways you do business. Don’t pressure the sale or the enrollment, it may not be meant for you. And always remember, you’re doing a good job!

To get more of an understanding of network marketing businesses you can find Robert Laura’s article here.


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