We Need More Problem Solvers In The World

We Need More Problem Solvers In The World

There was a day I volunteered in my daughter’s classroom and I heard the most peculiar thing. A student asked the teacher, “Where is my pencil?” The teacher said, “Be a problem solver.” This struck me at first, but it opened my eyes to the capabilities of children, and even more so a mom.

“Be A Problem Solver”

We all are problem solvers whether we think that or not. Especially moms who make a million decisions a day. Decisions on what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to solve the problem of hungry kids. Decisions to visit the dentist every 6 months to solve the problem of unhealthy teeth. Decisions even as small as brushing our hair to solve the problem of knotty hair. Human beings are intuitively problem solvers, but it is an untapped power that we don’t use for the world’s biggest problems. Right?!?

Let’s Save World Peace For Another Day

As moms, we tend to overthink pretty much anything that our children do, hence leaving more problems unsolved and the feeling of being stuck in that problem. Instead of thinking about problems that we have to solve, we can turn this around into what solutions can think of to solve the problem?

We now have so many resources out there, especially the internet, but be cautious of course. The solutions to problems are much more fun and can give us a sense of accomplishment. Accomplishment so that we can move forward to more solutions.

Common Mom Problem #1: My kid can’t focus on doing his school work.

Don’t think like this: because my kid can’t focus on school work, he can’t be successful in life (you know that went through your head). Let’s think instead about possible solutions to this specific problem and ask solution-based questions.

  • What does he like to do that will help him focus on his work?
  • What time of day is he more focused?
  • What can I do to help him focus?
  • Who can help me focus on his work?

After asking these questions, try out some of the solutions and I am sure you will be sure to find something that works.

My Solution to Common Problem #1

By thinking about those questions, you will find a solution eventually mama. I did for my son, so far. First, I tried working with him and he didn’t like me watching over him as his mama. Second, I observed him doing it independently and he didn’t like that. Then – light bulb! – he loved to be on video chat with his Grandpa. So I set up that during his lesson and it went so well. This may not work every time, but it worked that day!

Our Kids Are Problem Solvers

I believe that when the teacher said, “Be A Problem Solver,” it meant so many powerful things even though it was to find a pencil. She empowered that child to think for themselves and use all the brain powers that can get lost if we do everything for our kids.

As mamas we need to know that our children can be problem solvers and we are their guides when obviously the problem is world peace. This will empower all of us to use solutions instead of keep thinking of the problems and waiting for outside people or things to solve our problems for us.

We as humans know our specific problems immediately and we have the ability to solve them better than anyone else. I think we need more problem solvers that focus on solutions in this world and it will be a better place for all. Love you.

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