8 Unique Houseplants Perfect For The Busy Parent

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Do you love unique houseplants? Of course you do! Do you love vacationing or are often out of town or away from home and worry your plants will die while you are gone? Are you a super busy parent that occasionally forgets to water? Let’s remedy this by choosing the right plants for your lifestyle.

If you will be out of town for a long weekend or have a lot going on with your kids, most houseplants will survive if you time your watering right.

Water thoroughly before a trip!

I will recommend some versions of more unique houseplants of your every day favorites. I have seen many of these plants lately at local nurseries, garden centers, and even big box stores.


Here are 9 unique houseplants that can easily survive a week of neglect:


#1 – Moonshine Snake Plant                        

(Also known as Moonlight/Moonglow/Silver Queen Sansevieria or Dracaena Trifasciata)

unique houseplant moonlight snake
Moonlight Snake Plant

There are over 70 kinds of snake plants and they almost thrive on neglect! They can survive in a dim corner for a long time but they will grow faster in brighter indirect light. They need to be potted in well aerated, well draining soil, and watered only when they are dry. Water thoroughly (until water comes out the drainage hole) once every week or two when it’s warm, way longer if it is winter (like once a month or more). Stick your finger, a wooden chopstick, or a moisture meter down deep in the soil to gauge how moist it is. Root rot from damp soil is the biggest killer of these evergreen succulents so you MUST have drainage holes.


#2 – Raven ZZ Plant                    

(Midnight/Black Zamioculcas Zamiifolia ‘Dowan’)

unique houseplants - raven zz
Raven ZZ Plant

A lovely shiny upright tropical succulent, new growth for these unique houseplants goes from lime green to purple-black as it matures. This one can survive in many light conditions but best is medium to bright indirect light. Water when dry, once every couple weeks. Great for vacationers or forgetful waterers.


#3 – White Butterfly Syngonium      

(Syngonium Podophyllum or Arrowhead Vine)

unique houseplants - Syngonium Trio (White Butterfly, Holly, Maria)
Syngonium Trio (White Butterfly, Holly, Maria)

There are so many pretty kinds of Syngonium out there, like gorgeous pink ones, reddish brown ones, all types of greens, and even variegated versions. The arrowhead shaped leaves resemble butterfly wings. This is a vine so it makes a great hanging plant or looks even better when it has something to climb.

These are easy going plants that like medium indirect light. They will burn if put in direct sun for long periods. I also find them to be pretty pest resistant. I water it when it’s almost dry. Once a week is great. It will droop if super thirsty. Water thoroughly before you leave town and it should be fine!

TIP: Vining houseplants will generally grow larger leaves if they have something to climb like a moss pole.


#4 – String of Hearts/Variegated String of Hearts

(Ceropegia Woodii)

unique houseplants - String of Hearts
String of Hearts

This plant is the cutest! It has strings of hanging heart shaped leaves. With long stringy vines, the trick is making sure you have enough light on the top or the fullness will thin out and it will get leggy (leaves spaced far apart). Water thoroughly once a week or whenever the top three inches of soil is dry.

In the winter you can water less. When the leaves crinkle a little they are super dry. You can also prune it to promote more growth. Where the vine breaks, two strings will usually grow from that spot helping it look fuller. This one is easy to water propagate cuttings and if it’s happy it blooms little interesting flowers. The only downside is trying to untangle it if needed; it can be challenging.


#5 – Marble Queen Pothos            

(Epipremnum Aureum)

unique houseplants - Marble Queen Pothos
Marble Queen Pothos

This easy to grow vine is the best starter plant. It can survive neglect and can come back from the dead. It looks great hanging or climbing a moss pole. Pothos can take different light levels so it is versatile to style in your home.

If you let it get too thirsty, it will look limp and you’ll see a few yellow leaves. Water thoroughly and it will perk right back up. Check the moisture once a week. Give this one a thorough watering before you leave and it will do great!


#6 – Monstera Deliciosa                          

(Swiss Cheese Plant or Fruit Salad Plant – makes a large fruit that tastes like fruit salad, but most likely won’t fruit for you in your home)

unique houseplants - Monstera Deliciosa
Monstera Deliciosa

One of my favorite plants, this beauty is fuss free and fast growing. It can survive a little neglect once established and doesn’t get pests too easily. Those huge Monstera leaves are so very satisfying. Make sure you have the space for this one as it can take over.

It loves bright indirect light and a good long drink once every week or two, or when the soil is feeling dry to your whole finger. As this plant matures it will grow bigger leaves with more fenestrations (holes in the leaf). It will have lots of aerial roots eventually and they may find their way to the soil like many of mine have but you do not have to water or trim them. If you have lots of money to spend on plants, the variegated versions are absolutely gorgeous.

TIP: Remember to wipe the leaves down on all your plants every once in a while to check for pests, keep them looking shiny, and help the leaves “breathe.”


#7 – Philodendron Birkin

unique houseplants - Philodendron Birkin
Philodendron Birkin

This easy going beauty has green leaves with pretty white painted stripes on them. As the plant matures there will be more variegation on new leaves. This plant needs bright indirect light to really look nice, it doesn’t do well in the shade as it will turn all green. As far as watering goes, let a Birkin (like most other philodendrons) almost dry out between waterings and water thoroughly. This plant is easy going and simple to propagate too.


#8 – Philodendron Brasil

unique houseplants Philodendron Micans
Philodendron Micans

This is an easy going, eye-catching vine. I water mine once a week unless it’s super hot, then a little more. The leaves will curl when the plant is super thirsty but it will bounce back. I love that each green leaf has its own special lime green variegation. You can keep it as a hanging vine or add something it can climb (like a moss pole) which will produce larger leaves. You can add diluted fertilizer to each watering during the growing season for a bushier plant. If it gets leggy with smaller leaves, it needs more light.


Tips on how to water unique houseplants while you are gone, if needed:

*Plant babysitter! Bring the needy or favorite plant to someone that can take care of it while you are away.
*Ask a trusted neighbor/friend/family to come over and check on and water plants.
*Self watering planters or water globes or DIY upside-down bottles in the soil.
*DIY water wick system with cotton rope, or watering stakes.
*Drip Irrigation on a timer if outside.

Watering can, water stakes, water globe, hose timer
Watering can, water stakes, water globe, hose timer

Remember also that if it’s super hot during the summer, you will need to water more often as plants will dry out quicker. Rather than relying on a set watering schedule, an app, or even solely on a moisture meter, learn to use and trust your finger to measure the moisture level in the soil. Once you are a pro, teach family members so you can trust their watering skills as well.

That’s it! Lots of options for you to have plants and be a busy parent or away from home with no worries! Tell me in the comments below if you have a favorite plant that’s easy to care for. Do you have any of these ones? 

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