Hello, My Name Is Maria & I Pee My Pants.


I don’t WANT to pee my pants, but I can’t help it!  When I cough.  When I laugh.  When I run.  And don’t even ask me to do jumping jacks because I didn’t pack an extra pair of clothes.

I wasn’t always like this.

Before I had my kids I ran a marathon with zero problems.  I worked out to P90x and did jump squats with the best of them.  

And after kids?  Well, after kids I avoid all of those things.  In fact, if I get sick I pray that I don’t have to go anywhere for a whole week while I recover because the thought of “losing all control” in the middle of Target makes me want to curl up in a ball of embarrassment. 

This whole peeing my pants thing makes me feel like I have no control over my body and what it does.  It also makes me think that NO ONE wants to talk about it, but EVERYONE deals with it.

After I asked my mom about the pee in the pants she told me that she’s had that problem ever since I was born.  


I couldn’t deal with that.  I figured my doctor would definitely have the cure to peeing.  

When I went to my doctor after I had my first son and told her my problem she just told me to wait until I was done having children and then have the surgery.  


Basically, I was going to be peeing my pants for the foreseeable future.  Awesome!

Thankfully, I found a group of moms who directed me towards PeriCoach.  

Now, we’ve all heard of Kegels, right?  You are supposed to do them to strengthen your pelvic floor and trust me I did.  I did so many Kegels after my first born that I should not be having to write this.  But, unfortunately, like so many other women I wasn’t doing them right.  Clearly, as I was still peeing my pants.

And really, even after reading how to do them, I was still doing them wrong.  So that’s where PeriCoach comes in. 

PeriCoach is a device & an app to help women work their pelvic floors correctly.  I must say when I saw the device I was a little intimidated.  Thankfully, there is a step by step for everything on the website – all my fears subsided.

So, I am going to participate in their 8-week challenge.  Imagine me, NOT peeing my pants in just 8 weeks! The thought makes me want to jump up and down!  {Nope, can’t do that…yet}

The program gives you the opportunity to exercise daily with a PeriCoach.  I like this accountability because sometimes as a mom who is running around taking care of everyone else I really need someone who is focused on me and taking care of me.  

If five minutes a day for eight weeks will give me a stronger pelvic floor and the ability to go to the gym with confidence.  Heck, go out with my girlfriends and laugh as much as I want, then I’m all in!

Just because it is common doesn’t mean that it is normal, and I shouldn’t have to wait until I’m done having kids to stop peeing my pants!  Nor should I have to have surgery.  

I’m excited about this journey.  I’m excited to NOT pee my pants anymore.  I’m excited that in eight weeks I will report back with my findings of PeriCoach.

I’ll be doing jumping jacks and laughing uncontrollably.  Promise!


This post is brought to you by our Sponsors PeriCoach & City Moms Blog Network, but as always the opinions are our own!