Health + Wellness Reimagined

This post is sponsored by our partners at Hoag Health Center.

wellness reimagined

It’s that time of year when Health + Wellness Reimagined are hot topics.  Starting January 1st we begin to hear our friends and family talk about lifestyle changes.  No one is on a diet or committing to a workout program, but rather changing their lifestyle.

But what exactly is a lifestyle change and how do you even make one?

And going one step further – how do you implement a lifestyle change without knowing what you actually need to change from the inside out?

Health + Wellness Reimagined at Hoag Health Center.

Hoag Health Center is opening a new location in Foothill Ranch that will provide the community with a clinically integrated health and wellness solution to help you attain, maintain and celebrate good health.

That’s right, Health + Wellness Reimagined.

Hoag Health Center Foothill Ranch will offer comprehensive primary and specialty care supported by wellness services – all under one roof. Services include primary care, women’s health, sports medicine, urgent care, imaging, physical therapy, pediatrics, a lab, and specialty care.
One of the unique features at Hoag Health Center Foothill Ranch will be the Hoag Lifestyle Program – a highly personalized health and wellness program that is prescribed by physicians and designed to jumpstart lifestyle improvements.
Health + Wellness Reimagined means something different for each person.  And Hoag offers individualized services.

With the support of Hoag physicians, the lifestyle change that everyone craves is possible.  What’s even better is that Hoag is determined to help each person explore their wellness from the inside out.

And isn’t good health what we all want?

Want to learn more about the new Hoag Health Center in Foothill Ranch?

The community is invited to attend the grand opening celebration on Saturday, January 25 from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. Join us to meet the physicians, tour the facilities, participate in health screenings, sample health foods, learn about the Hoag Lifestyle Program and enjoy activities for the family.


wellness reimagined