The Best Homeschool Guide For OC Moms

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We are proud to bring you the Best Homeschool Guide for OC Moms.

Whether you have been homeschooling for years or are just starting your homeschool journey you’ll love this comprehensive list of resources for families who choose to educate their children privately at home.

From co-ops and sports to virtual education programs and enrichment activities, everything you need to know about homeschooling in Orange County is right here.

Did we miss a great group or fun activity? Comment below and let us know!

A special thank you to our Presenting Sponsors, JCS Family of Charter Schools and Star Homeschool Academy for bringing Orange County families the best homeschool guide.

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The JCS family of charter schools are WASC-accredited, public charter schools serving students TK-12 mainly in San Diego, Riverside, and Orange counties encouraging students to become independent lifelong learners.

The curriculum at JCS is designed to be flexible enough to work with parents’ visions while providing structure and support for students through personalized learning designed to draw out student strengths.

If you found yourself unexpectedly homeschooling this spring and feeling ill-equipped and frustrated, you may have also noticed that your children began to respond to the one-on-one teaching.  Perhaps it’s time you tried homeschooling with the right support system in place. Enroll in Star Homeschool Academy today!
  • Star Homeschool Academy is a transition program of Biola Youth Academics. 
  • Homeschool support from a Christian worldview  
  • Options for on-site classes and/or a PSP (Private School Satellite Program). 
  • Classes meet once a week for grades 1-8 and twice weekly for grades 9-12 
  • Campuses in Yorba Linda (grades 1-12) and Tustin (grades 1-6). 
  • Star is proud to offer a weekly Kindergarten co-op for those enrolled in the PSP. 
  • The curriculum is already developed for parents to follow at home, with approximately 1 hour of assigned work per course
  • The PSP offers 
    • Academic & college prep guidance
    • Graduation and senior events
    • Star teens enjoy monthly teen events such as bowling, dances, hikes, and movie nights. 
    • Star elementary students enjoy field trips, quarterly celebrations, and more!

All parents want their children to thrive, not only in school but in life. At West River Academy, we believe that each child has an innate life-purpose and must be free to explore it.

Since 1993, our alternative school has empowered thousands of families in over 50 countries to achieve the educational freedom they’ve been longing for. For families who want to take ownership of their education, we offer annual enrollment, one- or multi-year transcripts, and a unique Graduation Project program, culminating in an accredited High School Diploma.

Live free and we’ll be there with expert support and advocacy when you need us. Visit our website for more information.

seashore academy

Want to homeschool but don’t want to do it all yourself?
Seashore is a private homeschool hybrid. We provide drop-off days to supplement your child’s schooling.
Quality academics, nurturing setting: 15:1 student:teacher ratio.
We offer 2-5 days per week with live interaction (ZOOM classes also available).

Your child may stay enrolled in their district or private school and attend Seashore, OR you may attend Seashore full-time.

TK-High school
Anaheim, Newport, Huntington Beach & Mission Viejo

best homeschool oc

American Academy of Strategic Education offers a flexible and innovative education option for K-12 students. We provide a fun and safe environment for students to engage in core subject project-based classes, language immersion programs, career and technology programs, field trips, and social activities.

Choose your child’s daily and weekly schedule. American Academy creates a customized learning plan for each child. Students become independent, self-motivated learners. We are an approved vendor with all homeschool charter schools, allowing our Academy to be enjoyed at low or no-cost to families. We have locations in Mission Viejo, Newport Mesa, and remote classes.

educational subscription box

Kabana is an educational and recreational platform for kids 0-7 years old. At Kabana we believe in the innate curiosity of children and we consider that they must be the owners of their learning. What we bring you are not recipes to follow but tools so we can make a change of vision towards an active, free, and respectful education; both at home and at schools.

We offer a homeschooling program (play and project-based) for children 2-6 years old. Also, online courses and workshops for families and educators and activity boxes (sensory and art) for kids to play, explore, and have fun, while parents rest.

NH Tutor

If you need help establishing routines and consistency with your kids during your workday NH Tutor from New Horizons is here for you.

NH Tutor provides accessible, consistent systems to help students progress academically with synchronous and asynchronous learning.

The online group sessions will keep tasks on track during home learning days and give a fun break during the school day.

Take a look at how NH Tutor works:

New Horizons has been a leader in online education since 1982, and understands the evolution of technology and education. Their team knows how to assist your children in achieving their learning goals and minimize the impact of these challenging times.

How do you keep your child on track with asynchronous learning/hybrid learning?

Enroll them in a session with NH Tutor.

Grades 1-8 have 50 minute sessions available. Grades 4-12 have 2 hour sessions available. One-on-One Tutoring is also available.

Try out NHtutor for Free! Find upcoming sessions at:

To get 1 free session and see how you and your kid like it, use coupon code: NHtutor1ocmom

Homeschool Information And Frequently Asked Questions

Wikipedia – Homeschooling, also known as home education, is the education of children at home or at a variety of places other than school.[1] Home education is usually conducted by a parent, tutor, or an online teacher.[2] Many families use less formal ways of educating.[3] “Homeschooling” is the term commonly used in North America

In California, there are several ways that parents educate their children at home: through an existing private school, through a public charter or independent study program, and in many instances by opening their own private home-based school and filing the Private School Affidavit (PSA) with the California Department of Education (CDE).

To determine which option is best for you visit the California Department of Education.

There is no exact right way to start Homeschooling as it truly looks different for every child, but below is a list to consider when deciding the next steps.

  1. Make sure you review all of the different laws and requirements under California Law.
  2. Withdrawing your child from school – you will need to formally withdraw your child from school if they are currently enrolled.  It will also be helpful to acquire all of your child’s transcripts, grades, etc to help you on your journey.
  3. Decide what you want to accomplish when homeschooling.
  4. Research the different curriculum.  There are SO many!
  5. PLAN! You’ll need to plan daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly lesson plans for your child.
  6. Gather school supplies, materials, books, curriculum, and create a learning environment {if you choose to have a designated space}.

The Best Homeschool Guide OC

The short answer is that there are so many things to consider.

  • Your child’s learning style.  Do they learn better visually?  Are they really good at listening and understanding?  Or do they prefer to physically touch and learn that way?
  • Curriculum. What Curriculum will you choose? Do you want a more learner-led study or do you prefer a more classical approach?  Will you be incorporating technology into your studies and if so how much and for what subjects?
  • Knowledge Standards. Are you planning to prep your child for college?  You’ll want to make sure that each year you homeschool your child meets the standards put forth by the California Department of Education.
  • Space – Where will you be homeschooling?  It is always a good idea to have a dedicated homeschooling area.
  • Time – When will you be homeschooling?  Will you start in the morning?  Will you have more time on certain days?
  • Activities – This can coordinate with your curriculum – will you be taking field trips with your child to expand their learning?  Will you be making science experiments – and if so how will you acquire everything necessary to do them?
  • Cooperative Learning – Are you planning to completely self teach or are you looking to join a homeschool co-op or charter?

This wouldn’t be the best homeschool guide for oc moms if we didn’t have some tips from a professional!


Hello!  I am a former Homeschool Assistant Coordinator – which means that I was a liaison between the school and homeschool families.  I have met with countless families and the ones who were the most successful during their time homeschooling had many of these tips in common.

  • Organization.  I can’t stress it enough.  Even if you are working with a co-op or charter school, you will want to make sure you are organized.  Everything about your child’s learning is now up to you and so making sure you have not only their lesson plans organized but also all of their records and of course being on top of deadlines for standardized tests etc.  Get Organized!
  • Flexibility. You are now going to be your child’s mother/father, teacher, school counselor, activities director, principal, and more. You will have to consider what happens if your child doesn’t want to do your lesson, what happens if they aren’t making the grade.  Really take the time to ensure success for both of you.  And remember your relationship with your child is the most important thing. So if you need to sign up for an online math program, you haven’t failed!
  • Think about High School AND College now! Too many times I’ve seen families be surprised by the fact that their child didn’t qualify to earn an actual High School Diploma or even worse their child can’t get into college because the minimum requirements weren’t met during homeschooling.  This usually has NOTHING to do with whether their child was smart enough – it usually has to do with record-keeping and organization.  So, be sure you know what needs to be done.

Other great places that have many educational toys and materials:

  • Dollar Stores
  • Facebook Marketplace Homeschool resale groups and pages
  • Michael’s and Joann Fabrics
  • Target
  • TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Ross
  • Second-hand Stores
homeschool orange county oc

Homeschool Virtual Opportunities, Groups, Resources, Experiences, and More

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be isolating!  There are so many groups and co-ops that will provide support, assistance, extracurricular activities, and become your ‘homeschool community’.  There’s a group for everyone – including those who love Disney!

Support Groups

Disney Schooling
A homeschool group that meets at Disneyland!

Education Revolution Meetup Group
If you want to be a part of the revolution and discuss ways we can make a real change in the lives of our nation’s children, join us for speakers, panel discussions, film screenings, and more. It’s time to take back our kids’ childhoods and give them an education for the 21st century.

Home School Fun & Learning in Tustin
Open to home-schoolers, work-at-home parents, and all families who are looking for extra enrichment and support for their kids. You don’t have to live in Tustin, but driving to Tustin should probably not sound like a burden to you. Please contact the organizer if you have suggestions or something to offer as an organizer or activity-leader!

Homeschool Moms Of OC
My vision for our group is to support other homeschool moms to connect, share talents, interests, business opportunities, and prayer requests! It takes a village to raise a child and the calling of a homeschool mom is special and unique.

OC Homeschool Mamas
A forum for homeschool moms in Orange County to share encouragement and information.

Homeschooling in Orange County
This is a group for all moms in Orange County, CA who are homeschooling or even just interested in finding out about homeschooling their children.

Homeschooling in Central Orange County
It is our desire to form an inclusive, member-directed support group of families who are unique and diverse in their methods and styles of home education. We welcome everyone.

Homeschooling in Orange County, CA
This site shows that it is a collaborative effort by an enthusiastic homeschool support group. Check out all the resources they have here!

Homeschooling TnT
Welcome to Homeschooling TnT (Teens n Tweens), formerly RK SoCal Teens. We are a diverse group of homeschooled and unschooled teens, tweens and their parents located in Southern CA who gather for dances, field trips, camp outs, movies and other fun events. Facebook Group

Newport-Mesa Homeschool Group
A diverse collection of families who strive to be considerate and inclusive. We meet weekly for Park Day at Talbert Nature Preserve in Costa Mesa. Talbert Nature Preserve is a beautiful, natural park just below the bluffs at Fairview Park in Costa Mesa.

OC Homeschoolers
Designed to help homeschooling/unschooling families in North Orange County connect, build community, and share resources. We welcome all families: from unschoolers to charter schoolers, whether you stay at home or work full time… or even if you’re just curious about this whole homeschooling “thing” … join and share with each other your homeschooling experience.

OC Gifted
We are a welcoming community of parents of gifted and 2E children in Orange County and nearby areas. Our mission is to provide opportunities for social and emotional support for often highly sensitive, often creative and asynchronous kids.

OC Homeschool Group
Weekly park days, field trips, events and speakers. Meetup group has full calendar you can see once you join.

OC Homeschool Events
Hello Home Educators and Potential Home Educators! If you love homeschooling but hate to stay at home, this is the group for you.

OC Unschoolers
A place for unschooling families to connect and share ideas.

South OC LDS Homeschool Group -Orange County
Just a way to connect with other LDS homeschoolers or those interested in homeschool who are in South Orange County.

South Orange County Christian Homeschoolers (SOCCO)
Families supporting families who are pursuing independent home education with a Biblical worldview.

Co-Ops + Charter Schools

JCS School
The JCS mission is to empower learners with educational choice in a supportive, resource-rich environment. We are dedicated to excellence and committed to nurturing passionate lifelong learners.

TLP Education
TLP Education has now grown to offer tutoring and college prep packages in addition to language instruction. We offer after-school language classes, private and group tutoring sessions, and international student camps to encourage and inspire confidence and learning.

Adelphia Classical Christian Academy
Private School Satellite Program (PSP) offering a classical Christian educational service for home school families.  The Academy offers full-time 3-day enrollment for grades K – 12 and full-time 2-day enrollment for Transitional Kindergarten.

Armenta Learning Academy of Orange
Armenta Learning Academy was established in 1989 and offers all students an alternative to traditional education with individualized programs and specialized school programs and tutoring services in school or at home. Our curriculum is designed for Pre-K through adults including special needs and gifted students in a one to one or small group setting.

The Bilingual Classroom
Taught by a fully proficient native speaker with an authentic Spanish accent, our program objective is to have students understand, speak, and read Spanish. Though the coursework satisfies college admission requirements, the aim is to make good use of the time and not simply “check off the box.”

Torrey Academy
Torrey Academy is a classical education program for homeschool high school students, serving as a division of the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University.

WYLD Education
As students get older, parents are looking for more resources with which continue the homeschool journey with their adolescent.  We help take the time and work out of researching the requirements for graduating high school and for college entry and help you and your student to develop a long-range plan to suit their learning needs and preferences.  Our programs are completely individualized to your unique student!

West River Academy
West River Academy is an international fully accredited independent private school in California. It is for families who desire the benefits of private school enrollment AND minimal oversight over their educational activities.

Celebration Education
Fun thematic classes with all school subjects integrated into hands-on learning experiences. Students may also participate in field trips, enrichment classes, and online Minecraft classes that relate to the theme.

Connections Academy
Connections Academy’s tuition-free online public K-12 school partners with parents to provide students with an engaging, high-quality education in a safe learning environment.

Gorman Learning
Gorman Learning Charter Network is a K-12, tuition-free California public charter school that educates students seeking flexible learning environments and individualized student learning plans.

Opportunities for Learning – Public Charter Schools
Opportunities For Learning (OFL), a network of free public charter high schools in Southern California, offers students a flexible, personalized approach to education.

iLEAD Schools
At iLEAD we’ve built a model based on the what we believe to be the best of all that is out there. We believe passionately in project-based learning not because it’s a fad but because it goes to the heart of how kids learn.

California Virtual Academies
You know that your kids have something special inside them. We know it, too. The nine independent California Virtual Academies and K12 ignite the minds of children like yours to bring learning and innate possibility alive.

Innovative Education Management
Innovative Education Management (IEM) has been successfully developing and operating California charter schools since 1998.

California Enrichment Academy 
California Enrichment Academy is a personalized study program offering families curriculum at no cost and enrichment to shape your child’s learning year into an exciting adventure with fulfilling experiences.

ISAAC Charter
Cultivating global citizens empowered to build a peaceful society through the pursuit of STREAM, Trilingualism and Social Emotional Learning.

American Academy
If you live in Orange County and are thinking about homeschooling but are overwhelmed, don’t want to “do it” or “do it alone”, this academy is PERFECT!!! Angela and her staff really care about these kids and bend over backward to help parents.

Cabrillo Point Academy
Cabrillo Point Academy is a tuition-free, public charter school serving transitional kindergarten through 12th grade students in Orange County. We take great pride in being able to offer our students flexible personalized learning experiences through our many unique and dynamic programs.

TLP Education
We are an approved vendor with several charter and home school networks throughout Southern California. And voted Best Tutoring and Language Service in South Orange County

Celebration Education
We believe every child has their own genius. We inspire that genius by allowing each child to take the lead in their learning experiences, drawing on their innate learning tools of curiosity, exploration, and creativity.

Aspero Youth Initiative
Aspero Youth is an after school program that helps your child stay off social media, socialize with peers, adults and experience 4 hours per day of physical activity for a total of 20 hours per week. Each day is meticulously planned to maximize your teen’s involvement.

Ready Set Resources
Beginning Speaking and advanced public speaking/debate club

We create customized, quality projects, and curriculum for your homeschool student.

Donna Evans Music, Piano, and Voice Lessons
Learn how to play an instrument as well as take vocal lessons.

KW Music Studio
Piano lessons and more!

YMM Art Space
Dedicated to stimulating the imagination and enhancing the creativity of each and every student.

Orange Coast Musical Arts
Homeschool Music Program

Buzzy Mae Music
Providing music lessons for the Homeschool Community

Anaheim Hills Fencers Club
Anaheim Hills Fencers Club is USA Fencing Member Club specializing in foil fencing.

Magic All-Stars Cheer + Tumbling
Cheer and tumbling program.

Mobility Acrobatics
Mobility Acrobatics is a mobile coaching service that teaches the art of movement through various forms of acrobatics.  Being flexible and mobile is at the heart of everything we do.  That’s why we come to you.  We provide equipment, instructors, and fun!

SoCal Weightlifting Kids Club
Empowering a culture of champions through the pursuit of excellence is our way of achieving success. Results come when the time is put in. Serious work ethic with serious fun.

Batson Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts
We teach a variety of martial arts disciplines from individual students to multi-group dynamic sessions.

Breakthrough Sports
Breakthrough Sports is excited to offer homeschool sports classes in an area near you.  We offer basketball, baseball, volleyball and swimming classes throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, the Valley and the Inland Empire.

Studio ME
A subscription box of art lessons for elementary students

Dreams for Schools
An education non-profit in Orange County, that makes STEM + coding approachable and accessible for all. By empowering students, cultivating curiosity, and providing the right tools and experience, they help kids program the future.

Homeschooling in Orange County doesn’t have to be isolating!  The best homeschool expos and conventions are right here in the OC!

Expos and conventions are a great way to meet other families and get more resources.

California Homeschool Network Expo

California Homeschooling Convention


This wouldn’t be the best homeschool guide for OC moms if we didn’t include resources from our amazing sister sites!

OC Mom Collective is part of City Mom Collective, the largest network of over 90 locally focused parenting resources across the United States. Below are some amazing homeschool resources from our sister sites.

In addition to the best homeschool guide for OC moms, we also have several other resources for your family as you start your homeschool journey!

Summer Activities For Kids

summer activities for kids

Swim Lesson Guide

Orange County Swim Lesson OC

40 Fun Ways To Have Memorable Parent And Child Dates

Fun Ideas For Parent and Child Dates

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