7 Simple And Fun Summer Activities For Kids Of All Ages


We have reached that point in summer vacation where many moms have exhausted their “things to do” and “places to go” lists with a several more weeks yet to go! Well, at least I am at that point…please tell me I am not alone! Well luckily I know how to work my way around a Pinterest board or two so I was able to put together a list for all us moms to reach for when we are just plain out of ideas of summer activities for kids!

Not to worry, you need not be a “Pinterest Mom” to execute these easy summer fun activities, just collect a few supplies, take a few minutes setting it up, and then sit back and watch those little minds and hands discover and explore!


Frozen Banana Pops from hello, Wonderful:

So this one reminds me of the Balboa Fun Zone and I just love the idea!  Everything you need for this one you can pick up on your next grocery store run (except maybe the popsicle sticks). Simply prep the bananas on the popsicle sticks, set up a dunking + decorating station, and you have a colorful and fun – not to mention yummy – way to pass the morning or afternoon!


summer activities for kids - frozen banana pops
Screen shot of pin by: https://www.hellowonderful.co



Rock Candy Experiment from Growing A Jeweled Rose:

If your children are anything like mine, their eyes quite literally light up when then see rock candy. There is just something about the way the light glows through the translucent colors that delights the eyes! This DIY rock candy is equal parts easy + fun while also giving you an opportunity to teach your children a little bit about science as well as patience! While the ingredients are minimal and the directions are simple to follow, the rock candy does take about a week to fully form so don’t delay on starting this easy summer activity!

summer activities for kids - rock candy experiment
Screen shot of pin by https://www.growingajeweledrose.com



DIY Puffy Sidewalk Paint by Hip 2 Save:

Tired of the same old sidewalk chalk? Try a little sidewalk art with a twist with this 3 ingredient Puffy Sidewalk Paint recipe. Again, just a few simple ingredients needed that you can pick up at the grocery store, dollar store, or Target and in a few minutes your kiddos will be ready to turn your sidewalk or driveway into a colorful masterpiece!

summer activities for kids - DIY puffy sidewalk paint
Screen shot of pin by https://hip2save.com



Solar Oven S’mores by Desert Chica

Well you certainly can not let a summer pass by without cooking up some s’mores am I right? A genius mama came up with the idea of using solar energy to make this delicious treat and I must say I am glad she did. You will need a few boxes depending on how many “ovens” you want to make and this activity will also require some adult help and supervision due to the cutting and construction involved. So while this fun summer activity for kids is a little more hands on, the finished product promises to be pretty great! In this intense SoCal heat it will be interesting to see how quickly these solar s’mores can roast!

summer activities for kids
Screen shot of pin by https://desertchica.com



Salt Painting by Busy Mommy Media:

4th Of July is coming up, and the kids will be sure to love doing some firework salt painting. With just a few ingredients your children can create a sparkly masterpiece. Children will also love the texture that the salt provides as a fun twist on the traditional watercolor painting.

summer activities for kids - firework salt painting
Screen shot of pin by https://busymommymedia.com



Color Scavenger Hunt by I Heart Crafty Things:

When all else fails, a scavenger hunt is always a fun idea. I liked the idea of this one mostly because of the color concept which makes it appealing to children while also potentially making it more of a challenge to find things of so many different colors! Plus, the set up on this one is quite literally coloring some color swatches on the front of a paper bag and that. Is. It! Win/win for everyone!

summer activities for kids
Screen shot of pin by https://busymommymedia.com



Water Sponge Fight by Natural Beach Living:

Give the traditional water balloon fight the heave ho and make your own water fight sponges! Simply stock up on some sponges from the dollar store, grab some string and a pair of scissors, and you are all set! Plus, these sponge balls are extra awesome because after the little ones are done playing simply leave them in the sun to dry and use them again another hot sunny day!

summer activities for kids - Super Soaker sponge balls
Screen shot of pin by https://www.naturalbeachliving.com 


Now go on out there and have some fun with these summer activities for kids!


summer activities for kids

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