What’s On The Menu


So what’s on the menu this week?  Do you have a hard time figuring it out?  Yeah, so do we! But – hey we are moms and we have to get that dinner on the table, am I right?!

So enjoy this week’s menu ideas and we hope that they help make your life a little easier because we are moms and we need a little ease in our lives!

Sunday – French Onion Beef Casserole

When I saw this recipe I just knew I had to make it.  I’m from the midwest and casseroles are what we eat and this one is so good!

Monday – Ginger Beef

I love ginger, I mean give me all the ginger bitters in a Moscow mule and I will be happy for DAYS!  So this little number has a delicious bite and can be served over rice and veggies.

Tuesday – Korean Sloppy Joes

A twist on an old classic.  If you love Korean flavor (which I do!) you’ll love this yummy sammy!

Wednesday – Short Rib Ragu

Omg.  This.  It’s definitely a SLOW cook, but it’s SO good.  I had a slow-cooked short rib pasta the other night and I just HAD to make it myself!

Thursday – Crispy Vegan Taquitos

If you love Mexican food and are looking to get some veggies mixed in – this is the perfect recipe!  And your kids won’t even know they’re eating green food!

Friday – Homemade Pizza

Yes, we do this every week.  And no it most likely won’t change. Here’s the dough we use from the Pioneer Woman. I use whatever tomato sauce we happen to have around, BUT if I’m being super gourmet I will buy the pizza sauce from Trader Joe’s AND their Pizza seasoned shredded cheese.

Saturday – Egg Salad Sandwich

Sometimes you just need a simple dinner.  I like to serve egg salad sandwiches with lays potato chips, it reminds me of summer and I want it to be summer so I’m willing it into existance!

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