Wild Rivers Is Back And Better Than Ever! Here’s What To Expect


Wild Rivers is back in Orange County and better than ever! The OG summer family fun water park has had a major upgrade. The website informs us that the original Wild Rivers was in Irvine from 1986-2011 and had to close when their land lease was up. Now they have rebuilt at The Great Park in Irvine and are double the size! There is even an option to expand in the future.

The entrance to Wild Rivers

After eleven years, they are back and boasting 20 thrilling water rides and attractions, and 3 restaurants on 20 acres. They also want to be known for having the largest collection of family raft rides in the region. So fun!

Checking out the park from the Endless River

My family and I are Wild Rivers 2022 season pass holders and excited to finally get to experience this park after waiting 8 months since we purchased. Supply chain issues have caused the water park to push the opening. There is still a lot of construction and I can’t wait to see this place when everything is up and running and the plants have all been planted and filled in (I always have my eye on tropical landscaping of course) They will be open the rest of July, most of August, and the weekends in September.

Lots for littles to enjoy!

My husband grew up in South OC and has fond memories of Wild Rivers growing up. His sisters family bought passes too so we can enjoy time with them which is always a blast!

My six year old will be thrilled to get a little freedom from his parents and go with his older cousins on the bigger kid rides, like the Bora Bora Boomerango. This fun family ride (48” minimum height) can fit 6 people on a raft, shoots you down a 25 foot drop, propelling you back up a near vertical wall, where gravity causes you to spin back down through the rest; my sons shocked face was priceless.


Meanwhile, my 3 year old is on cloud nine exploring Cooks Cove, a giant water fun zone with an 800 gallon tipping water bucket and lots of rad kid safe slides to enjoy. I was pleased to find out you can go down with your child on your lap in this area. My son had fun squirting people (not the face!) with the water guns stationed all over the giant 30 foot tall play structure. My husbands fave was taking the kids into Shaka Bay, a ginormous wavepool, while my favorite thing was the 1,700 foot endless river, just floating in an inner tube while the kids played water tag. All-in-all a great day and guaranteed fun summer. 

Adults can Relax here too

Wild Rivers mom info and tips:

-There are 4 large restroom buildings with changing tables (my potty trainer used the auto flushing potty twice! So proud!)

-There are plenty of shady places to sit and set up camp (and more to come after construction is done). Getting there early ensures the perfect spot.

-The floor is hot, slippery and rough for the littles, water shoes are awesome.

-Wear bright colors so you can spot your kids, there are tons of people in the kid zone. 

-Your toddler will get freezing after a while so bring extra towels. My toddler needed two long warm up/snack breaks in a 4 hour period.

Snack time! Sitting in the sun warmed my boys right up.

-You can bring your own life vest/puddle jumpers for the littles (they provide life vests).

-Strollers and wagons are allowed. There is a quick security check. 

-There are water filling stations all over.

-There are tons of cabanas to rent.

-Reapply sunscreen and wait for it to dry. We saw sooo many burnt people, including my husband. 

-They sell alcohol! Go enjoy that lazy river!

Map from Wildrivers.com

Quick look at pricing from the website here.

I hope you and your family check it out this Summer, it’s a great place in Orange County to beat the heat and make lasting summer memories.


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