What Today Is “Supposed” To Be


what today is supposed to be

This week has been rough.  Do you ever have one of those weeks where you just want to walk away? Literally, walk out the door and drive into the unknown.  This has been one of those weeks.  By the end of the week, I truly felt like I couldn’t do this anymore.  I couldn’t even finish a phone conversation with my mom because I was so DONE!  

Between the whining, crying, fighting, time-outs, running from here to there, forgetting to do everything and trying to keep it all together – I was spent.

At one point I put the baby down and let him cry as I laid on the floor unable to move.  I felt the weight of the world on me.  After about ten minutes I picked up the baby and held him.  It was like he knew how I was feeling.  He simply laid in my arms and waited for me to be okay.  And, it worked.  I needed him to comfort me instead of me always comforting him.

I started to think about all of us moms who are having hard weeks.  Who keep going despite the battles that lay ahead.  It’s okay to admit that it’s HARD.  Some days, weeks, months, heck even years can be a STRUGGLE! And sometimes what we really need is for someone to validate those feelings.  We need a hug.  We need to be held for a minute and told everything is going to be okay.

I realized I needed to stop trying so hard to make the day be what it is supposed to be and just let it be.  I can get so focused on the number of times I’ve put my son in time out that it takes a toll on the rest of the day.  It takes a toll on me.

If you’re out there and you’re DONE, and your daily energy is spent, you aren’t alone!  There are so many of us right there with you!  If you see me at the store I will salute you like in The Hunger Games!  And since you may need a really big laugh – check out the Friday Funny Archives – I promise you’ll smile.

what today is supposed to be


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