Sweet and Sour Summer


    With summer break coming up it can cause a flood of emotions for moms: sad, anxiety, excitement, and happiness. It can be caused by various reasons such as changes in routine, responsibility to keep kids entertained all day, and inability to get a break from the kids. Or an opportunity to spend some quality time with the kids and catch up on home projects, it’s all subjective really.

For the moms that work, providing care for their children while at work for a week can be a source of stress, some moms get overwhelmed with taking care of their kids on a daily basis, without any breaks. Some coping methods include setting goals, trying new activities, practicing self-care, and seeking support from loved ones if needed.

For those moms that aren’t looking forward to it (it’s ok to admit), these are a few ways to alleviate the stress and shift the mindset for summer break. It’s your choice to make your summer – sweet or sour.

Don’t do this Try this instead
Expect to keep the kids busy all-day While this is a good solution, you will get tired of keeping the kids entertained all day. Teaching kids how to use their time wisely and be productive is also essential.
You are not putting aside some time for yourself. While it’s true, the kids are on a break, you need and deserve a break also. So find time also, to connect with family and friends during break.
Not setting boundaries Boundaries can be a lifesaver, establishing rules over the break may help with meltdowns, tantrums, and unacceptable behavior. Ex: screen time rules, curfew, chores, etc.
You can control everything because you’re supermom This expectation doesn’t work because it’s not accurate, if the kids are fighting, or having their tantrums, at some point just let it go and accept it. Supermom can get defeated, but it’s okay, start fresh again the next day.