Side Hustle :: Every Woman Has One


Women are multi-taskers.  Before I had my little ones, I had a full-time job that required me to be in the office Monday through Friday, 45-50 hours a week.  As if that wasn’t enough, I decided to do a little freelance work on the side hiring/managing talent for consumer and trade shows.  There was a time when I was doing both whiles starting my own clothing line. 

Little did I know all of this craziness was training for motherhood.

There are many reasons as to why moms decide to take on more.  The most obvious is to make more money.  Kids mean extra expenses – doctor’s visits, classes, childcare, Disney annual passes and family vacations.  Now that we are a family of 4, I can only afford to look for destinations within driving distance during off-seasons.

The reason I (and a lot of moms I know) decide to do something on the side is self-fulfillment.  This is what keeps me sane after working as a professional for over 10 years.  While choosing to stay home with my kids is the best decision I’ve ever made, it certainly was the most challenging one. 

The saying “being a mom is the hardest job I’ve ever had” is completely true. 

I went into this job without any education, training or experience.  In fact, the job description for this job seems to be changing every single day.  Let’s not forget the terrible pay and the lack of sick days.  But on the other hand, I am the CEO of my household and have full decision-making power.  Of course, what I get back from this job can’t be measured by job titles or salary.

Let’s look at some examples of mom’s side gigs:

  1. A part-time job that fits into your existing full-time employment. This could be retail, sales, delivery or childcare that you could fit into your schedule.
  2. A freelance gig that usually stems from a special skill or hobby.  A crafty mom might make cute hair bows on Etsy.  Other creative and artsy moms might do make-up, hair or photography.  I write because it’s my creative outlet and a way to connect with others.
  3. Multi-level network marketing sales i.e. Lularoe, Doterra, Rodan + Fields, Mary Kay, etc.  I am personally extremely impressed with moms who succeed in this category.  These ladies are at the top of their hustle game. 
  4. Buy/Sell/Trade holds a special place in my heart.  I’ve met so many friends through both specialized and local Facebook groups online.  I also feel good being able to declutter my home and help save the environment.  I’m also going to include couponing in this example for the frugal bargain hunting moms.
  5. Bartering was used in commerce before currency came along.  Even though no money is exchanged, it is a win-win situation for both sides.  This is definitely a hustle in my book!
  6. Volunteering/Donations are so important for our soul.  Time is the most valuable commodity we have.  I have nothing but respect for someone to give some of that up in order to contribute to a cause they believe in.  It is essential to put this energy into the universe and pay it forward.
  7. I am thoroughly impressed with the mamas who are enrolled in school.  I had a hard time taking one night class a week while working full time.  In fact, I ended up dropping it because I chose sleep over studying.

No matter what your side hustle is I applaud you.  It is so important to continue to grow as a person, especially when we have little ones looking up to us. 

I hope my kids are proud of who I was, who I have become and whom I aspire to be.  It is through doing what we love that we build confidence in our ability as a mother. 

And to all my fellow hustlers…hustle on.  


My name is Chelsea Yang.  I live in Orange County, CA with my two toddler girls and hard-working husband.  I’m a freelance fashion stylist and full-time mom.  I graduated from UCLA with a Political Science degree and married my high school sweetheart.  My previous professions include Fashion Merchandising, Product Development, and Visual Merchandising. My hobbies include Facebook, BST (Buy/Sell/Trade), bargain-hunting and making new friends. I aspire to be a feminist, humanitarian, entrepreneur and amateur comedian/motivation speaker.