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Every city in Orange County has a different vibe.  From laid-back beach cities to suburban paradises – Orange County has a neighborhood for everyone!

Finding the perfect neighborhood for your family can be tricky – especially if you are unfamiliar with Orange County.  For instance, there is a pretty big difference between North and South OC.  The dividing lines are blurry at best, but the division is generally considered to be north and south of Irvine and Costa Mesa if you’re looking at a map.

It can take quite a long time to commute between North and South OC.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a neighborhood for your family

  • Job location
    • Where you work and how much time you can handle spending in the car are going to have a big impact on where you live.  If you aren’t used to commuting consider living close to your work.
  • Access to the Beach
    • Everyone loves the beach – it’s what makes living in Southern California so spectacular.  Do you want to live close enough to the beach that you can visit after work or school?  Or are you okay with the occasional weekend day trip?
  • Walking Options
    • Parts of some neighborhoods are very pedestrian friendly.  And then there are others where a car is necessary to visit any coffee shop or restaurant.  Decide what best suits your lifestyle and aim for a neighborhood that can give you what you want.
  • Schools
    • Orange County has some of the best schools in the State.  Choosing a neighborhood with the right school fit for your family is something to consider.
  • Activities
    • Depending on the type of activity you enjoy you may find a neighborhood that is just as enthusiastic about the activity as you are.  There are many equestrian neighborhoods throughout Orange County, as well as neighborhoods that love to hike, bike, sail, surf, and swim!

Finding the right neighborhood can take time, and also may require an expert. Check out this list of cities in Orange County.  You’re going to love living in Southern California!

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