My No Lump Breast Cancer Diagnosis

no lump breast cancer diagnosis

Dear fellow mamas, I am writing to you because when I was thirty-seven years old I had a no lump breast cancer diagnosis.

And to say that cancer has changed my entire life would be the understatement of the century – and that’s saying a lot considering we’ve all experienced 2020.

I am almost a little embarrassed to say how I discovered my cancer.  I was standing in front of my bathroom mirror and I was being silly.  I was flexing in the mirror like the incredible hulk.  When I noticed some rippling.  I thought that was odd.

So, I figured that since my life had been a bit of a sh*t-show for the last couple of years that I should probably get it checked out.

Of course, when I went to get checked my doctor couldn’t find a lump and determined that I was fine – and to come back in a few months.

I’ve heard the stories of people having to convince doctors to do a double-check and that’s exactly what I had to do.  I insisted upon an ultrasound.

And there, during the ultrasound, the tech found tumors in both of my breasts.  They were undetectable by touch.  I had biopsies done and I was told that I had breast cancer.

My no lump breast cancer journey was beginning. Did I mention that I had JUST gotten engaged to the love of my life? Talk about for better or worse being tested before we were even able to take our vows.

From there my life became managing appointment after appointment and a medication merry-go-round. Cancer is a full-time job – it doesn’t leave space for your children, your family, your friends, your career, or anything else.

I could probably write three books based on my experience and it hasn’t even been two years since my diagnosis.  But the one thing that I just can’t stress enough is doing everything in your power to check yourself and then push even harder at your doctor’s office.  Demand that you get imaging – whether it’s an ultrasound or a mammogram!


I am thankfully in remission.  A word I am still wrapping my brain around.  As I said, cancer will change your entire life.

So, fellow mamas, check yourself.  Go and get yourself checked. Please, for me, for your kids, for your partner, for your family, for your friends – because cancer will show you in the most awful way how much you are loved.

my no lump breast cancer diagnosis