Do You Speak Mom? Take The Quiz!


WTH are all these acronyms about?!

When I was pregnant, I prepared as best as I could. I read the books. I went to the classes. I avoided soft cheeses (mostly).

What I did not prepare for was this new language I would be forced to learn as I became immersed into Mommy world on social media. For all of you innocent doves who have yet to enter this crazy world, let me help you learn some of the basic lingoes before you are bombarded with confusing messages.

But first, for those who think they got this thing down, get something to write on and take the mom quiz below to if you really “speak mom” yet:

(Disclaimer: I am now ten months post-partum and still have to look things up ALL. THE. TIME.)

1.) EBF

2.) EP

3.) BTC

4.) WT

5.) STTN

6.) MOTN

7.) FTM

8.) LO

9.) DH, DD, DS

10.) IMO

11.) AFAIK

12.) OT

13.) BAE

14.) SMH

15.) CIO


Mom Quiz Answers:

1.) Exclusively Breastfed 2.) Exclusively Pump 3.) By the clock 4.) Wake Time 5.) Sleeps through the night 6.) Middle of the night 7.) First time Mom 8.) Little one 9.) Dear husband, Dear daughter, Dear son 10.) In my opinion 11.) As far as I know 12.) Off Topic 13.) Before anyone else 14.) So much hate 15.) Cry it out


How did you do? I must admit I sometimes catch myself using some of these. Once you’re in – you’re in!

You may run across something like this:

“FTM here! My LO has 3 MOTN wakings. She is EBF and doesn’t take a bottle so my DH cannot help in the MOTN. All we want is for my DD to STTN! Do you recommend CIO or is she too young? IMO, DD is TLOML (the love of my life) so I will wake up with her as much as she needs. She will soon be grown and I’ll miss these days!”

Ugh. I am totally guilty of using some of these, but seriously people, we are out of control.


Do You Speak Mom? Take The Quiz!


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