Life Is Heavy.


life is heavyYou know how sometimes in life it seems as if everything is going well? Relationships are smooth, bodies are healthy, grades are high, work is successful, marriage is solid, babies are smiling, etc. etc. etc.  And then there are times in life when the world seems dark. Death, divorce, sickness, addiction, abuse, loss, and depression seem to prevail.

To be honest with you, I wanted to write about something light and humorous. I love to laugh and it gives me so much joy to help others relax and laugh, too. It has been one of those seasons; though, where the darkness seems to be settling in and making itself at home. Stupid darkness.

My husband is a musician (a pretty damn talented one) and I was lucky enough to hear one of his newer songs tonight. The lyrics are sweet and simple, yet powerful during the dark seasons of life. With his permission, I am posting the lyrics below:


by Caleb Stanton

We loved. We lost.

Body bruised. Still, we fought.

We fell. Barely breathing.

Exhale. Heart still beating.

Heart still beating.

Lift your head. Hold it high.

Our defeat – just for tonight.

Tears dry.  Heart is mending.

We’ll rise – Heaven’s healing.

We’ll rise – Heaven’s healing.

Weep just this night, tomorrow’s coming.

Head raised, heart lifted, love’s prevailing.

We’ll overcome –

Darkness is broken by dawn.


It’s a song of hope and, well, seeing life half-full. Tonight may be dark, painful, and difficult, but tomorrow is coming. There is healing. There is redemption. There is hope. Thank goodness.

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Meredith is an Orange County native currently residing in Anaheim Hills, CA. She has her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and is pursuing licensure through working with an Orange County foster family agency. Meredith loves traveling, music, coffee, sugar, massages, alone time, puppies, sweats, hiking, and binging on Netflix shows with her husband, Caleb. Meredith is a first time mom to her son born in May 2015, Everett Pax, and is navigating her way through motherhood one cup of coffee at a time.