Let’s Kick “Finding Your Perfect Mom Life Balance” to the Curb!


We are expected to mother like we have zero other responsibilities, work like we have no kids, keep up with our social life, and navigate extended family, all while staying completely sane and balanced. Not. Gonna. Happen. And it’s why I think we need to kick this idea of “finding your perfect mom/life balance” to the curb!


BALANCE IS DEFINED AS: a condition in which different elements are equal. 


“Equal” is the part that I take issue with. “Equal” is the part that makes this feel impossible. I cannot remember a time in my life when I felt like all parts of my life (motherhood, marriage, work, friends, etc.) were “equal.”

And quite honestly, I feel like constantly trying to achieve this space of perfection with balance is one of the major reasons we can feel so discouraged as moms.


Personal opinion: Finding your perfect mom life balance is a unicorn that truly doesn’t exist.


Life is much more like a pendulum where our focus swings back and forth between different things. That doesn’t mean we don’t care about the other areas, it simply means that we are focused on one area at a time.


It means we are intentional and truly present where our feet are in that moment.


This is how it looks practically in my life: When I am working, I do my best to really focus on work. When I am with my family, I do my best to put away my phone and focus in on them to connect. When I am with my friends, same thing.


I choose boundaries – not balance – day after day after day.


Do I fail approximately one million times? Obviously, yes. I get overwhelmed when my kids are being loud or fighting which makes it hard to focus as I need to get some work tasks done. Or I try to multitask while on a family outing and end up missing stuff.

But the honest truth? I no longer feel the pressure about finding your perfect mom life balance. Instead I focus on boundaries and how I can create a harmony between all the pieces of my life.


And that has been so freeing for me.


If you are an overwhelmed mama who strives for finding your perfect mom life balance, I want to tell you to let yourself off the hook. You are doing an amazing job. You are making a difference. It’s time to kick balance to the curb and exhale a bit!

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