Heather’s Favorite Posts Of 2018


I love being part of the Orange County Moms Blog contributing team. We are an amazing group of diverse moms who share a common goal and put on great events. I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t been as active in my writing as I hoped this year. But cheers to 2019 and new goals and resolutions!

Heather's Favorite PostsHere are some of my favorite posts from my fellow contributors this year:

As a mom who consumes wine regularly I found Megan’s post, When “Wine-O-Clock” Hides An Addiction, super informative and a great opportunity to self reflect on my own habits and routines. I can feel confident that I can rotate my wine in with other evening activities like yoga and music to deal with a stressful day.


When “Wine-O-Clock” Hides An Addiction


Melissa hits it head on (no pun intended) for me on this post, The Thought Process Of A Mom. Sometimes I feel like my brain is on a ferris wheel and it’s moving and stopping all along the ride. It’s crazy what we can accomplish in our minds sometimes and leave us no energy for reality.


The Thought Process Of A Mom


I love this one entitled Spinning The Plates Of Motherhood from Viv earlier in the year because it’s super relevant to me now. We juggle so many things as moms it’s a great reminder that it’s ok to let things go.


Spinning The Plates Of Motherhood


Have you read all 3 of Heather’s favorite posts of 2018? We’d love to hear your thoughts on them so please leave a comment below. And don’t forget to check out Heather’s highly entertaining post, The Art Of Trash Trucking, if you haven’t done so already! It’s about the lengths this devoted boy mama goes to humor her son’s very thorough interest in trucks of all kinds, but most especially…you guessed it…trash trucks. 

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Heather grew up in Northern California and migrated down to Southern California to attend Chapman University. After graduation she worked for the Angels Baseball Club, Anaheim Ducks and Quiksilver apparel company. While working for the Angels she met her husband Aaron and they have two sons Mason (5) and Chase (2). Heather is the owner of Purify Sauna Lounge in Anaheim Hills and stays home with her toddler sons. In her free time she enjoys yoga, pilates and long walks thru Target.