Five Of The Best Face Masks Around, And Why We LOVE Them


I have this thing for face masks. For all things beauty-related actually, but particularly face masks. I could write all day about various lotions and potions I have tried. I am certainly not a beauty ‘expert’ but what I am is a regular every day mum who happens to enjoy beauty products.

This week I am going to do a round up of my top 5 face masks and why I love them. There’s a mask in here for everyone, no matter what your skin type. My skin swings from dry and dehydrated in the winter (or when the AC has been running a lot at night), to combination in the summer. This means my face mask collection spams the gamut of skin concerns! 

Nivea Soft Creme

This isn’t a face mask per se, BUT if your skin is dry or sore then this make an amazing treatment. I slather it on thickly and either leave it for 20 minutes or overnight. Your skin will definitely thank you for it. Best thing is that it’s small enough to travel with and very budget friendly. Rumour has it that the ingredients in this little tin of delights are the same as a very fancy cream (La Mer) that I most definitely cannot afford. I like to think my champagne taste face has been fooled by my lemonade budget option! 


Dr Jart Sheet Masks

The Dr Jart brand is the king of affordable sheet masks. A sheet mask is a face mask made from a sheet of serum infused material. It has hole cut out for your eyes, nose and mouth which gives you the added benefit of being able to terrify your other half by looking like Jason (if you are that way inclined!). My person favourite sheet masks from the brand are the hydration lover and the ceramidin. Hydration lover is a blue rubbery mask infused with hydrating ingredients which leave the skin feeling smooth and supple. Ceramidin is infused with ceramides that make the skin literally feel baby soft. If you are familiar with Korean skincare you will know that many skincare lovers are switching to the 7 step Korean skincare system. I’m not ready for 7 steps, but I haven’t found a Korean skincare brand I DIDN’T like yet!



Pai Rosehip BioRegenerative Mask

There is a good reason why rosehip is touted as a skincare powerhouse.  It acts like a natural retinol, increasing the skins ability to renew and heal. This mask leaves my face feeling so soft and smooth. The Pai Rosehip BioRegerative Rapid Radiance mask might be a bit of a mouthful to say, but the ingredients in it really pack a punch. Magical rosehip oil is packed wth a high concentration of Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9, plus antioxidant carotenoids which help repair and protect the skin against environmental stresses and visible damage. Strawberry leaf extract helps to brighten and refine skin texture. It isn’t the greatest smelling mask, but it WORKS. The mask is certified organic, it is gluten free and cruelty free.


Niod Mastic Must

I have to admit to not fully understanding what Niod Mastic Must mask does! Niod is a branch of the Deciem company who are also known for their amazing budget brand, The Ordinary. I use this mask before a night out to help make my pores look smaller. Make up goes on like a dream after using this mask. And for great novelty value, you get better results if you dry your face with a hair dryer! True story. The mask is oil and silicone free as well as coming from a cruelty free company. I love the scientific approach this company is taking to beauty, but also that if you need advice they are always on hand to help. They seem to have a great social media team for each brand who really understand the products and will help you pick what will work for you. 


Fresh Rose Face Mask

If the Nivea Creme is the King of face treatments to sooth skin, then Fresh Rose face mask is the Queen. Fresh is one of my all time favourite brands. Their use of excellent quality ingredients makes their masks some of the best on the market. This particular mask is a gel consistency. Packed with skin soothing rose water, cooling cucumber and aloe extracts and antioxidant green tea, this mask is a skin-soothing powerhouse. It is free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. 



Origins Clear Improvement and Drink Up

Origins masks are pretty much my favourite face masks EVER. I have tried all their masks and I haven’t found one I didn’t like. These are my top picks. 

Clear Improvement is a nourishing clay masks that I use when I have a breakout or my skin is behaving badly!The bamboo charcoal and white clay purify the skin. Drink Up Intensive is an overnight moisturising face mask and it is literally like a drink for my skin. It smells like passion fruit too! The mask is also great for flying to protect skin from the nasty airplane recirculated air. 0.34oz pots are available for just $4 which means you can try a few masks out to see which you like best. Round of applause to Origins!


Honourable Mentions

Honourable mentions go to 4 masks:

Boscia charcoal pore pudding is a clay-based mask that doesn’t dry out the skin AT ALL. Magical. Charcoal draws toxins out from the skin. That means that if you suffer from breakouts of blocked pores this baby is for you.

 Kismet golden hydrogel lip mask plumps and moisturises the lips with natural ingredients AND you can’t talk to anyone for the 20 minutes you wear it for. Winning!

Dr Jart Cicapair nightly repair mask is an overnight mask that calms and repairs the skin. I use it on the nights I put retinol on to keep my skin happy and balanced. I love that it comes in individual packets that I can travel with.

Complex Beauty Smooth Operator is an antioxidant exfoliating mask. This cream mask is full of amazing natural ingredients to make your skin look and feel amazing. They will also send you a deluxe sample of a mask suited to your skin type for the cost of shipping. 


I am aware I promised a round of of my best 5 face masks. I have actually written about my best 7 (plus 4 honourable mentions). What can I say? I told you I love face masks. 

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